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Haslemere County Councillor Update

Here is an update of some of my county councillor activities for Haslemere for the past few weeks. Update also includes some SCC announcements.


  • Tanners Lane, met with St Bart’s parents, carers and children to discuss concerns about road safety when crossing near Chestnut Ave car park. Arranged SCC highways team site visit, and agreed to take forward a request for a pedestrian crossing and alterations to Lower Street, Tanners Lane junction to reduce turning traffic speeds.
  • Wey Hill, Tesco lights met with SCC highways to discuss safety following tragic fatality. Further meetings with safety audit team to look at lights and crossing planned. Agreed yellow hatching at Lion Lane/Wey Hill required.
  • Vicarage Lane re-surfacing complete.
  • Damaged railings under Fosters Bridge to be replaced with the work beginning this week.
  • Footpath (604) Map Notice of Modification Order. This Order, made on 4 November 2015, if confirmed, as made, will modify the Definitive Map and Statement for the area by adding a footpath from Lower Street/ Petworth Road beside Lloyds Bank, Haslemere (Grid ref SU 904328) in a south-westerly direction for 52 metres to College Hill (grid ref SU 904327).
  • Old Haslemere Road/Park Road posts to be installed to prevent verge damage
  • WBC/SCC partnership work to resolve bank slippage, drainage and highway damage on Sunbrow Ave has been started.
  • Lower Street: Concerned residents’ request for safer crossing from bus stop to station will be addressed in the station forecourt re-design (see below). A request for a zebra crossing here has been declined as there is no funding available
  • High Street de-clutter completed, posts all painted black, West Street- several obstructive posts with ‘no loading’ signs removed, signs attached to property frontage or existing posts to reduce West Street street clutter.
  • High Street, referred concern to highways team re poor utilities surface with black tar over cobbled surface. Thames Water have been asked by SCC to replace the cobbles.
  • Sandrock, agreed installation of lighting columns- to be installed before year end.
  • West Street, negotiating with SCC to replace existing lights with conservation lighting columns.
  • Weysprings, drainage issues resolved by installation of French drains
  • ‘Gateway’ scheme, Shepherds Hill/Courts Hill Road/Hill Road junction complete- requested traffic speed data to assess impact of traffic calming scheme. Further measures to be pressed for if speed reduction not significant.
  • ‘Pocket park’ at Shepherds Hill/Lower Street junction, plans for ramp access to create accessible green space unfortunately to be dropped as health and safety regs would require railings around the top of the existing small wall so not feasible.
  • Haslemere train station forecourt, meetings with SWT and SCC to discuss improvements, with specific focus on improving pedestrian access to bus stop on north side of station next to The Sewing Room.
  • Waverley Parking Review 2015 now out for consultation. See which roads are covered and have your say.

NOTE: The council now has a new online reporting system for any rights of way problems, which SCC is encouraging everybody to use.  This way both the reporter and the receiver can keep track of the issue(s) they have logged.  I have attached a link to it for you if you would like to use it in the future.


  • Shottermill Junior School visit with head to see the work of the school.
  • St Bartholomew’s Primary School, talked to year 6 about democracy and the political system.
  • Attended the town’s memorial service and laid a wreath on behalf of SCC.
Remembrance Service November 2015 Haslemere

Remembrance Service November 2015 Haslemere


Tender process under way for station travel plan.  The aim: to research how and why people travel to station using different transport modes. The goal: to improve station access and identify practical ways to increase pedestrian, cycle and public transport use.


Submission by: Cllr Nikki Barton 

  • At a recent meeting of the Waverley Local Committee it was reported that there are some highway improvement schemes that have been sitting in pricing with Kier since June 2015, some of which have been carried over from last year. It was reported that this was widespread across the county. I would like to ask the board for some more information regarding this issue. In particular I would like to understand what is causing this log jam within Kier, and the steps that are being taken to resolve these issues. I understand that Kier’s pricing schedules are highly complex and that the costing is high relative to other counties. I would like to request a full explanation of Kier’s pricing rates for highways schemes, and how these compare/benchmark with other county councils. Furthermore I understand that Kier, unable to deliver the schemes with their own workforce is subcontracting work out, with significant cost implications for the county. I would also like to request a full breakdown of both how much work Kier is contracting out annually (in terms of manpower and costs) and the marginal increase in costs added to any highways scheme as a result of this subcontracting.


  • In response to this question, attached is a report detailing performance and progress of this years ITS programme. This provides an overview of works to date of the £4m 15/16 ITS programme, and confirms good progress with over 54% of schemes already constructed. However, it also identifies areas for improvement including how schemes are commissioned and delivered and improving efficiency within the Transport Infrastructure team.
  • The report also provides details of Kier’s resources and pricing. In summary all of the ITS programme is delivered via a range of ten specialist sub-contractors and there are currently no issues with resource availability. Sub-contracting is the normal practice for ITS works, as it requires a degree of specialism and the resource requirement varies from month to month.  To ensure value for money, the majority of schemes are priced using a fixed “Price List” The price list was tendered on the open market and Kier proved to be best value when compared to their national competitors. The fixed “price list” must be used by all of Kier’s specialist supply chain and can only be adjusted each year by inflation, with no additional cost permitted. We are currently undertaking a detailed value for money exercise of the Kier contract, which will be reported to the December EPEH Board, however, if you have any concerns about scheme costs please share with the Area Highway Manager and we will include this cost data with our own value for money exercises. 
  • We recognise that the delivery of ITS schemes remains an area of concern with members, and would be keen to work with the Local Committee Chairs to see how these can be delivered more effectively in the future.

Haslemere and Western Villages Task Group, November 13th, Highways budget forecast and discussion of prioritisation of ITS (Integrated Transport Schemes) for next financial year. Speed reduction and road safety improvements will be our priorities for Haslemere going forward although significant highways budget cuts are expected 2016/17 that will have a negative impact.

SWT stakeholder conference: Basingstoke campus, October 13, 2015 

Discussions on challenges facing the network, ridership increasing, train overcrowding, old track infrastructure is a significant limiting factor.  The points outside Woking present a pinch point in the system, limiting the number of trains per hour that can run to Haslemere, a future multimillion £ investment will be needed to overcome this issue. South west trains franchise is up for renewal 2017.


Plastics Recycling Campaign                                                    

A county-wide campaign launched on Monday (2 November) to encourage Surrey residents to recycle more plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays. Everyone in Surrey can recycle plastics from each room in the house. That  includes yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, fruit or vegetable trays and every type of plastic bottle. Once recycled they could be reborn as new items like furniture, children’s toys, a football shirt or even another bottle.

Recycling of plastics is important for the Surrey Waste Partnership as only 27% of household plastics are currently recycled in the county.

If every adult in Surrey recycled one more plastic bottle a week it would taxpayers more than £218,000 a year. To find out more, visit the Recycle Surrey

SCC recycling

NHS Health Checks Campaign Continues

Over 17,000 people in Surrey have now had their free NHS Health Check so we’re  looking to build on that success with further communications activity throughout November. Residents aged 40-74 with no history of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke or kidney disease will be reminded that they are eligible for a free NHS Health Check.

Check at a nearby GP surgery or pharmacy. As people get older, their risk of developing these problems increases, but an NHS Health Check will pick up early signs. This allows them to take action to improve their health.

Please encourage residents in your area to visit the Healthy Surrey website to find out how to book an NHS Health Check.


Surrey Alliance Homeless News: Surrey Alliance Oct 15 news

Latest News from Stagecoach: see link here

Crossrail: Crossrail public consultation

Letters from Police and Crime Commissioner’s office 

Haslemere County Councillor Update

Here’s my county councillor update from the past few weeks.


  1. The station car park and forecourt plans are being finalised before going to consultation.
  1. SCC Cycling strategy – I have been gathering feedback and sharing with the Haslemere and Western Villages task group.
  1. Lion Lane, resurfacing of pavement/entrance to Shottermill Junior School – planned for October half term.
  1. SCC work gang to carry out extensive maintenance works in High Street. Also Bunch Lane, wooden posts to be installed to prevent drivers parking on verge.
  1. High Street- some of the old lights not removed because Scottish and Southern Energy have been delayed in their new connection work for the lights where Skanska could not carry out transfers, Skanska is not sure why at this stage. Once the remaining lights are connected and commissioned Skanska will remove the old lights and associated fixtures where possible. They didn’t want to remove the old lights which until commissioned still form part of the system of street lighting on the High Street.
  1. Requested Skanska to replace 2 modern lights in West Street with conservation lighting.
  1. Gateways schemes and Shepherds Hill/Lower Street junction pedestrian crossing safety improvement scheme currently delayed due to lack of Kier staff.
  1. Pedestrian crossing at the top of Weyhill, as an option – design being drawn up for discussion.
  1. Lower Street/Shepherds Hill railings – I have halted the repainting until the snagging has been carried out.
  1. Weysprings – French Drain to be installed to resolve flooding issues, Project Horizon surface to be repaired.
  1. Sturt Road added to SCC Speed Management Plan, request for VAS to be considered at next HWV task group.
  1. Hammer Lane footpath to Woolmer Hill, works delayed due to dormice, to be restarted once this issue resolved, E Hants District Council liaising with SCC Highways re pedestrian safety at crossing by Cat Protection League.
  1. Sunbrow/Sickle Mill Road – met with WBC and SCC officers to discuss bank slippage where debris is blocking drains causing flooding, and the highway is deteriorating. Positive that WBC/SCC partnership can address these issues.
  1. Tennysons Lane repairs – Surrey County Council to carry out urgent carriageway repair works. The closure will commence on 22nd September 2015 for a period of up to 5 days. These works are anticipated to be carried out between the hours of 09:00 11:00 within one day of the 5 day period of operation of this Notice. The temporary closure will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed. Tennysons Lane Haslemere S14(2) Notice 22 Sept 2015.
  1.  Sandrock, Haslemere – agreement with SCC Highways to install 2-3 new lighting columns in the upper, currently unlit, section of Sandrock to improve pedestrian safety.


August 25, 2015 Waverley Cycle Forum

Sept 8, 2015 LSTF (Local Sustainable Transport Fund)  Two Parks Project- concluding conference on the impact of the project to encourage the use of more sustainable forms of transport to visit  the South Downs and New Forest National Parks.

Sept 9th, 2015 Economic Prosperity, Environment and Highways Board. Here is the agenda.

Sept 9th, 2015 Haslemere celebrates longest serving monarch. Attended this event organised by Haslemere Town Council.

Haslemere celebrates the longest serving monarch

Haslemere celebrates the longest serving monarch

Longest Reigning Monarch Girl Guiding badge

Longest Reigning Monarch Girl Guiding badge

Sept 11, 2015  First comedy night at Haslewey community centre, Haslemere.  The event was intended to show case the recent transformation of the centre to a fantastic venue for parties, weddings and other events.


Sept 14, 2015  Haslemere cycling visit: SCC cycle officers, VC Godalming and Haslemere and Waverley Cycle Forum to identify opportunities to improve cycling in and around Haslemere.

Sept 17, 2015  Local Area Committee first cycle strategy meeting, Haslemere

Sept 17, 2015 Chairman’s Volunteers Reception, Box Hill, Surrey to celebrate the work of Surrey Volunteers – Sharon and Brian Short were recognised for an award for services to the community, as were their children Jamie and Clare.  Read more about the awards here.


Agenda for Local Area Committee (Friday 25th September 2015) here:

Haslemere items include College Hill alleged public footpath and Changes to Community Youth Work (see below).


SCC’s current Medium Term Financial Plan (2014-19) requires the delivery of £253m service reductions and efficiencies. Surrey is one of the most dependent of all councils on council tax receipts for its funding and the most dependent of all shire counties (i.e. it receives among the very lowest proportion of its funding as Government grant).

Changes to Community Youth Work in Waverley Borough, to be discussed at the Waverley Local Area Committee meeting, Sept 25th (see agenda, item 11).  Proposals include loss of all funded community youth work at the Wey Centre, I am extremely concerned about these proposed changes. SCC’s rationale – cuts of 11% in funding for Community Youth Work across the county, a new strategic goal of employability for young people and SCC Cabinet steer to allocate more resources to areas of greatest need.

Wey Hill Saturday dust cart service will end on September 26th, 2015, the green waste collection will remain.  SCC’s rationale – SCC waste management team have to cut spending by £3.4 million 2015-16, 85% of waste currently being thrown away in the Saturday dust cart is recyclable.


Train Overcrowding

Surrey train services among most overcrowded – Surrey County Council reiterated its support for Crossrail 2 after Department for Transport figures revealed that four Surrey train services were among the most overcrowded in England and Wales. The council is conducting a study into the benefits of extending the planned rail link further into Surrey.

Proposals for the cross-London line currently take in Shepperton, Epsom and Hampton Court in the county. Better rail services and other infrastructure investment are seen as central to Surrey’s continuing economic success.

Find out about fostering Last week, SCC continued its drive to recruit more foster carers for children and young people in our care. The campaign will run for two weeks on the three local radio stations (Eagle, Heart and Jackie). The council is also going to be advertising in local magazines countywide.

Please encourage your residents to consider fostering. We welcome enquiries from people, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, or cultural background. Residents can call the team on 08000 96 96 26 or visit website for more information.

Could you make a difference to a child's life?

Could you make a difference to a child’s life?

Residents recycled more due to clothing and home textiles campaign

Thirty per cent more clothes and home textiles were collected from homes and recycling banks during a textiles recycling campaign in April and May, compared to the previous  year.

There was also a 20 per cent increase in textiles collected at community recycling centres. The campaign used a range of tactics including advertising in shopping centres and local radio, as well as online and in magazines.

Independent research was undertaken with residents after the campaign and 88 percent said it had encouraged them to recycle more clothes and home textiles.

There were also textile collections in four county council buildings as part of the campaign, with 584kg donated.

A further campaign to encourage recycling of clothes and home textiles will take place in the spring.

From Torn To Re-Born

From Torn To Re-Born

Children’s social work

Surrey County Council has recently announced its ‘confident in our future’ change programme which marks a big change for children’s services and the way it operates. A children’s social work recruitment campaign has been launched following extensive focus group research and staff engagement to ensure that we are tackling the right issues and recruiting in the right areas.

You may be interested to see this news item via the BBC regarding children’s services.


Stoptober returns to help you go smokefree – If you stop smoking for 28 days, you’re five times more likely to stop for good.

StoptoberSurrey County Council will be running a campaign to promote Stoptober to smokers in Surrey until the end of October. With new laws coming into force on 1 October making it illegal to smoke in any vehicle with someone under 18 present, there’s now one less place to smoke. That means there’s one more reason to sign up to Stoptober. The campaign offers a variety of free and proven support including packs, apps and emails to help you quit for those key 28 days and beyond.

The Surrey Stop Smoking Service is on hand to arrange local support for you that is personal and tailored to your needs. You can choose from advice over the telephone or face to face support at weekly clinics, pharmacies and GP surgeries. Please help promote the campaign and your local free service with your networks.   Contact the Surrey Stop Smoking Service on 0845 602 3608 or visit the Healthy Surrey website to find out how to sign up and get support. More information here


Surrey County Council has asked Voluntary Action South West Surrey to send out this link to their annual survey of Voluntary, Community and Faith Organisations. The survey is used to evaluate our performance so we would be grateful if you would take the time to complete it.

The survey has been made shorter and simpler this year so hopefully won’t take too long to fill in. Here is the link:

The closing date is 16th October.

Utility works on Grayswood Road, Haslemere

For your information, I advise of some impending utility works on Grayswood Road, Haslemere. The works will be outside the property called Little Sadlers. The works are using two way temporary signals.

These works are being carried out by Thames Water and are make a new water connection into the property.

These works are due to take place from Monday 14th September 2014 for approximately 5 days.

Advanced warning signage has been requested to be displayed on site.

Improving Cycling in Haslemere

Do you have any ideas for schemes to improve cycling in Haslemere?

The Haslemere and Western Villages Task Group is meeting next week on September 17th to discuss the way forward for cycling in Haslemere and the surrounding villages, as part of the new Surrey County Council Cycle Strategy.

I am meeting with Surrey County Council officers on Monday, September 14th at Haslemere train station for a town cycle ride to identify ways in which the town could be made safer and more attractive for cyclists. If anyone would like to join us to share your ideas you would be most welcome. Please let me know your ideas and/or if you would like to meet via my Facebook page, Twitter, or e-mail on

Cycling Haslemere Barton


County Councillor Update

Here is an update of my recent meetings and some local highways issues.


  1. Haste Hill, recently resurfaced under Project Horizon as scheduled. Inexplicably, Blackdown Lane has not been resurfaced at the same time, despite being originally included as part of the Haste Hill Project Horizon scheme. The explanation from SCC is that the relatively recent naming of Blackdown Lane, (previously unnamed) has meant that only the Haste Hill section has been resurfaced. Understandably a number of residents have raised this anomaly with me, given the very poor state of Blackdown Lane, and the high volumes traffic using this route. I am pressing the SCC highways leadership to reconsider this decision.
  2. Lion Lane resurfacing, a local resident has complained that Lion Lane has been resurfaced again, despite not being in need of this work having been relatively recently treated. Unfortunately I inherited a list of roads to be resurfaced that became part of a fixed highways works program. I consider a number of these roads fail to meet the required “needs” criteria while other roads are in far greater need of attention, for example Wey Hill and Derby Road East were not included. I successfully lobbied for both these roads to be resurfaced in addition to the existing list.
  3. Railings replacement currently ongoing, High Street: a number of shop owners are frustrated that the works are taking so long, given the congestion and upheaval caused by the traffic lights. Of specific concern is the apparent short working day of the railing work crew. I have raised this with SCC highways management for their response as this is clearly an unacceptable situation.


April 23, Economic Prosperity, Environment and Highways Board, County Hall (formerly Environment and Transport Select Committee) County Hall, Kingston

11 May: Independent/ Residents Association meeting, County Hall, Kingston

11 May: Sustrans, SCC Place and Sustainability team to discuss possible station travel plan, County Hall, Kingston

15 May: Haslemere Visitor Information Centre, Haslemere Town Council to discuss Haslemere tourist information at train station at Haslemere Museum. Haslemere train station is the transport hub for the town, with thousands of people passing through as passengers and dropping off every day- the station has the highest passenger count of all stations in the SWT network, and there are a growing number of walkers arriving in Haslemere by train, particularly from London to explore the beautiful surrounding countryside.

17 May: Little Lumpy charity bike ride, The Edge, Haslemere

18 May: Economic Prosperity, Environment and Highways Board, County Hall, Kingston

18 May: Visit to Stepping Stones School, Hindhead with Linda Keminey, Cabinet Member for Schools and Learning. Students gave excellent tour and provided an excellent tea. Also visited Undershaw to see progress of major works to renovate and restore author Conan Doyles house. Recent decision by Sec of State not to challenge the granted planning permission is excellent news. The expanded Stepping Stones in Undershaw will be provide an exceptional facility offering outstanding education for children with special learning needs, as well as enabling the local residents and the wider community of Sherlock Holmes fans the chance to visit the restored home of the infamous local writer.

19 May: Full Council, County Hall, Kingston

2 June: College Hill, meeting with residents and SCC Highways to discuss parking, potholes, speeding and overgrown vegetation

2 June: SCC Highways team meeting to discuss delayed highways projects, expressed my frustration at the delays which are linked to design team resources: SCC highways offices, Merrow

June 3: Attended Half Moon Estate Residents’ Association AGM and presented plans for a traffic calming initiative at the junction of Hill Road with Shepherds Hill. This came about as a result of a police speed check showing speeds of up to 59mph in a 30mph speed area.

June 5: SWT Stakeholder Manager and Haslemere Visitor Information Centre team to discuss promoting Haslemere as a tourist destination by providing visitor information at the train station. This was very positively received by SWT, with the agreement to provide a local events board and visitor information leaflet rack at the station. Discussed the recent East Hampshire Community Rail Partnership, a partnership initiative between E Hants CC and SWT to promote train based tourism between Liphook and Rowlands Castle, a map promoting each station town on the route has been produced. In addition there has been an investment in making each station in the scheme more attractive, with planting etc. It would be very positive for Haslemere to be included in this scheme – given all Haslemere and countryside has to offer, I am continuing to take this forward.

June 8: Brighter Futures course at Haslewey (funded by my members allocation 2014-15), met participants in the course aimed at helping the long term unemployed get back into work.

Here is a testimonial from an attendee:

When I started the ‘Brighter Futures’ course in mid May, I had been unemployed for five months and despite applying for roughly twenty to twenty-five jobs a week, I had only a couple of interview offers in that time. This was having a very negative effect on my confidence and self esteem. Since then I am amazed at how my confidence has risen dramatically, in just three to four weeks. And I have a much more positive outlook on life and searching for work too.
This is because I have used the course content to alter how I percieve people and hopefully change their perception of me too.

Week 1 – Lumina Spark with Anna Lewis
This sets out my personality traits, which outlines personal strengths and tries to pinpoint weaknessses interacting with other personality types in the workplace. Complimentary personalities work much better together than conflicting types.

Week 2 – CV – Anna Lewis
Guidelines on how to form a CV to appeal to employers.  And the importance of the covering letter in addition to the CV.

Week 3 – Volunteering and Interview Techniques
The focus of this week is the astounding amount of differing volunteer opportunities there are for everyone. I found that I was rather ignorant of the many different ways to volunteer. The positive impact it could have on my self confidence is good from a work search pespective too. And the possibility of adding new skills to enhance my CV.
Various techniques to impress employers and calm oneself down at interviews. It emphasised the importance of the job being right for both parties, not just the employer.

What’s changed for me?
1. Due to the changes made to the CV I am receiving a lot more interview offers.
2. Feel a lot better about myself, especially getting interviews. Don’t feel like an invisible unemployable old man now.
3. My Lumina Spark report stated I could be introverted. (I already knew this) Seeing it in black and white made me consider how I interact with others, and as a result I am very comfortable expressing myself more in a group than I would of in the past.
4. The group itself is easy going and light-hearted, we all appear to get along. I work better in an informal group, also improving social skills as a bonus.
5. I recently had an interview, where I used aspects of all three weeks of the course. The new improved CV got me the interview. I thought about if i had a rapport with the interviewer, and tried to engage him on a more personal level when I felt I did not see eye to eye. I got very nervous, as usual, but used the experience of the previous weeks interview role-play to calm myself down and have a relatively stress free interview. I am convinced this would not have happened a month ago.
6. Have a ‘can do attitude’, we just have to know anything is possible, set goals and have the will to achieve them.

I really want to thank you for giving me hope for the future, when I started I was at a very low point. Brighter Futures could not be better titled in my opinion.

June 9: SCC Place and Sustainability team to discuss station travel plan/street audit, County Hall, Kingston

June 10: Haslemere Town Council and SCC local highways officer to provide highways update

June 10: Waverley Youth Task Group private meeting to discuss future youth services provision, there challenging times ahead with cuts planned in local provision. The Burys, Godalming

June 10: Haslemere Conservation Area Appraisal update meeting, Haslemere town hall

June 11: Economic Prosperity, Environment and Transport Board, County Hall, Kingston

June 12: SCC Waste Group, Haslemere Town Council to discuss public information strategy in preparation for withdrawal of Saturday morning dustcart service in Wey Hill carpark. Service to be discontinued autumn 2015. The service currently costs £30,000 per year. The mix of waste put in the dust cart has been analysed, finding that a high % of this waste could be recycled, but instead ends up in costly and environmentally damaging landfill. Discussed the need to ensure WBC recycling bins at Wey Hill regularly emptied and confirmed that residents can leave additional recycling on kerbside for collection. Additional blue wheelie bins can be ordered from WBC free of charge by phone and on WBC website. CCTV surveillance will monitor any potential fly tipping at Wey Hill car park.

June 12: Waverley Local Area Committee, private meeting. Godalming

June 15: Magna Carta celebration, Runnymede. Fantastic event organised by SCC and the National Trust, held on the meadow in Runnymede next to the River Thames to commemorate 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta, the foundation of British democracy. Here are some pictures from the event, including artwork, St Catherine’s winning flag ad the new Magna Carta brown tourist sign.

Magna Carta Artwork Magna Carta Panel Boat Nikki - Magna Carta 8 Centuries Magna Carta St Catherine's FlagEach school in England invited to enter flag design competition, winning flag for Surrey was designed by St Catherine’s School.

June 17: SCC highways design team site visit to discuss highways projects for Haslemere. I have secured Waverley Local Area Committee funding for highways improvements schemes that aim at improving road safety by focussing on speed reduction at the main “gateways” into the town.

Works to replace the railings on the corner opposite the town hall started on June 29th, after a very frustrating delay of over a year. The other “gateway” schemes will follow on from this. I have also asked that the works include the long overdue snagging of the Shepherds Hill and Lower Street railings. This was a project implemented prior to my election, and cost the tax payer £46,000.

June 17: Haslemere Vision steering group meeting, provided update on travel plan proposal, which will involve partnership working between Haslemere Vision, SWT and SCC.

June 22: SCC highways cycling officers and Waverley Cycle Forum members site visit Haslemere to look at possibilities for cycle improvement schemes in Haslemere. SCC has agreed a Surrey Cycling Strategy, with local communities encouraged to identify local cycle priorities.

June 22: SCC highways meeting to discuss additional schemes, agreed to fund additional 2 weeks of vegetation gang, general signage de-cluttering and rationalisation.

June 22: Grayswood School, site visit with school head, Grayswood Traffic Liaison Group representatives and SCC highways officer to look improving pedestrian crossing safety outside the school. Agreement on new drop kerbs, new parking restrictions are needed – agreed we would request these additional lines to be raised for approval at the June 26, Local Area Committee.

June 23: Scotland Lane residents to discuss concerns about overhanging trees and traffic speeds, agreed to request SCC highways officers for tree assessment.

June 25: Stepping Stones governor meeting, attended as a guest

June 26: Waverley Local Area Committee, Upper Hale, Farnham

June 29: Theatre Monkey’s end of term show, another fantastic production by local children in Haslemere Hall


Appointed to new role for the Waverley Local Area Committee: Family, Friends and Communities Champion






I received information recently about a new and exciting initiative in Haslemere called Haslemere Hub for local small business owners. Their meetings are every Tuesday at 11am at Haslewey. Every week there will be an interesting and insightful workshop/presentation followed by a chance to meet fellow local independent businesses. Their meetings finish at 1pm so little time away from your projects. On twitter: @HaslemereHub. On Facebook here.


Transition Haslemere’s summer activities are all listed here.

Haslemere County Councillor Update, March to May 2015

Here is an update of some of my activities and Surrey County Council officers’ work for Haslemere over the past two months.


College Hill, safe pedestrian passageway behind Lloyds Bank, has been blocked by a local businessman who owns a ‘ransom strip’ between the highway and the Lloyds Bank car park.

Liaised with SCC Highways legal team and Haslemere Society members to prepare the required evidence for the passageway to be recognised as a definitive right of way. Many affidavits have been collected from Haslemere residents testifying a constant use of the path for 20 years. SCC Highways have recognised the health and safety issues of pedestrians walking up and down the hill. The case will be brought to the September Local Area Committee meeting for decision by Committee to proceed.

Damaged Railings outside Clayton Fine Jewellery – SCC Highways confirmed this delayed scheme of wall reconstruction and new railing replacement, week commencing June 29th. The temporary railings are being checked daily. Several site visits have taken place.

Additional anti-skid surface Grayswood agreed with SCC Highways, to be installed this month.

Woolmer Hill tree trunks on roadside, concerns have been raised over safety. Our Local Highways Officer is following up with contractor.

Potholes repairs include Lower Street, Polecat, Fir Tree Ave, Liphook Road traffic lights, Border Road, Critchmere Lane, Lion Mead, Farnham lane, Beech road, Three Gates Lane, High Pitfold – to name but a few roads!

A parking sign in West street that was hit by a lorry has been repaired.

Items left by a resident around verge in Timbermill Court to deter parking have been removed at the request of the Community Highways Officer.

Officers advised a resident of a cost effective way of giving her wheelchair bound father better access to property on a private road (Chilcroft Road).

Japanese Knotweed in Scotland lane – this has been passed to Waverley Borough Council to deal with.

Several vegetation jobs around Haslemere will begin 1 June 2015.

Several residential roads were visited by a gully cleaning gang in early May.

A Surrey County Council drainage investigation team visited a property in Weysprings.

A number of highways projects (which are all aiming to improve pedestrian safety) have been delayed until the summer, due to resource constraints within the County Highways Design Team.


Visited Stepping Stones with Cllr Linda Kemeny, Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Educational Achievement. Received a warm welcome from the students. Also, had a tour of Undershaw to see how work is progressing on site. You can read about our visit here on the Stepping Stones’ website.

Undershaw Building Works

Undershaw Building Works

South West Trains Student Fare Card scheme in response to requests from residents, successfully lobbied to extend the Student Fare Card for 16-18 year old students travelling by train from Haslemere to Liss, Liphook and Petersfield. This new concession will start in Sept 2015. Here is a letter from a resident regarding the concession: SFC resident letter to press.

Herons Skate Park, March 11, 2015 – attended the opening of the newly refurbished skate park, now a fantastic facility for young people in Haslemere and the surrounding community. Supported the successful bid for SCC Community Improvement funding for the project. Also, funding was provided by Waverley Borough Council.

Opening of Haslemere Skate Park

Opening of Haslemere Skate Park

Woolmer Hill Orchestra Day and Young Musician of the Year, March 19 2015 – funded event with Member’s Allocation. Woolmer Hill pupils and staff played host to over 50 local primary school children to work on 2 pieces of music before giving a mass concert, followed by the finals of the Young Musician of the Year contest – highly talented local musicians.

Woolmer Hill Orchestra Day

Woolmer Hill Orchestra Day

Haslemere Library Kids Book Group, March 7 2015, (, met local children’s author Kelly McKain, children fascinated understanding how Kelly writes and illustrates her books. The event was supported by the library Art and Craft Fund to which I have awarded two grants from my Member’s Allocation.

Attended Haslemere Town Council’s Annual Awards Ceremony. It was gratifying that a few Award Winners had been recipients of my Surrey County Council member allowance.

Public meeting to discuss proposed housing development at the top of Lion Lane, Haslewey, 11 May 2015.

Cheered cyclists over the finishing line at Little Lumpy, 17 May 2015.

Cllr Nikki Barton with Ken Griffiths, Organiser of Little Lumpy

Cllr Nikki Barton with Ken Griffiths, Organiser of Little Lumpy

Local bus services review. I am pleased to report the good news that, following a full bus service review by Surrey County Council, bus services aren’t going to be cut locally.


Waverley Local Area Committee pre-meeting, March 2 2015

Waverley Local Area Committee Cycle Strategy meeting, March 9 2015

Environment and Transport Select Committee, March and April meetings – minutes of the March meeting and draft minutes of the April meeting are online here. (Next meeting is 11 June 2015 – Agenda here.)

Full Council, March 17 2015 – agenda and minutes here.

Waverley Local Area Committee March 20 2015 – draft minutes are now online here. (Next Waverley LAC meeting is 26th June, 1.30pm. Agenda here.)

Full Council May 19, 2015 – agenda here.


South West Trains Stakeholder Conference, Woking, March 19, 2015.

SCC Place and Sustainability Team and Sustrans ( March 11, 2015 to discuss commissioning a travel plan for Haslemere train station. SWT will be providing a new bike hub for 100 bikes, the forecourt is to be reconfigured and additional station parking may be provided. In the light of these changes I believe an integrated travel plan is needed, to improve linkages for all transport modes between the station and the surrounding town.


Utility works on Tilford Road, Hindhead, (near junction Portsmouth Rd/London Rd) from Tues 26th May 2015 for 4 working days. 2 way temp signals.

Haste Hill resurfacing delayed until 9th June as Thames Water need to carry out work on a pressure valve. This work is part of the Project Horizon scheme.

Mid-Term Update

I was honoured to be elected as Haslemere’s first Independent Surrey County Councillor in May 2013. I am now half way through my 4 year term. My commitment to the people of Haslemere was to serve in a spirit of openness, transparency and community engagement. I believe I have stood by these principles, taking input from across the town and providing regular updates on my Haslemerefirst website, on social media and in person at Haslemere Town Council meetings. Free from the constraints of party politics, I have been able to scrutinise and challenge decisions at both the town and county level (in full council and as member of the Waverley Local Area Committee, the Waverley Youth Task Group and the Environment and Transport Select Committee).

As an Independent councillor inclusive community engagement has been my priority. I have held public surgeries, stood alongside residents in their dealings with Surrey’s education and health services, attended many local events and have used every penny of my annual Members’ Allocation to support a wide range of community groups – ranging from Haslemere Scouts to Crossways Counselling and from Haslemere library to Haslemere Vision.

The results of listening to the community come in so many ways – to give just a few examples, concerns expressed about safety enabled me to win funding and acceleration for various highway schemes; understanding the higher costs for students travelling from Haslemere to colleges outside Surrey helped me successfully lobby for cheaper student train tickets to go across the border to Liss, Liphook and Petersfield; listening to parents of children at Stepping Stones gave me the passion to obtain SCC’s support for the school’s planning application in Hindhead.

Being an Independent councillor puts me in a very positive position, in that I can truly serve the community of Haslemere without any political constraints. To serve the residents of Haslemere most effectively, we need teamwork between County, Borough and Town councils; as well as those councillors who join with me in passionately serving the community from the various political parties, it will be extremely positive to have more Independents across the three tiers with new energy, ideas and commitment to shared values of openness, transparency and listening to the town.

I fully support the 12 independent town councillors and one borough councillor that are standing on May 7th and, if elected, I look forward to working with them as part of the team.

Nikki Barton

County Council Update from Nikki Barton for Haslemere

Please see my latest update of activities in the community since the New Year.


Haslemere Youth Campus

Attended Haslemere Town Council (HTC) meeting (15th January) where a large number of representatives from user groups of the Youth Campus in Wey Hill, including many brownies and scouts, staged a demonstration asking for HTC’s support to remain at the site and to be given a long lease so that they can invest in improvements. Local scout leader Paul Buckler then gave a short presentation outlining their plans. This is the open letter and annexe that were sent to Waverley Borough Councillors by the youth campus stakeholders.

Haslemere Train Station

Very positive meeting with SWT and SCC passenger transport (19th January) the long-term outcome of which will hopefully work towards a more integrated transport strategy.

Issues discussed included SWT/SCC plans for Haslemere train station forecourt reconfiguration to prioritise buses, pedestrian and cycle access- I raised my concerns that the planned changes must be integrated with associated highways improvements on Lower Street, that adequate public information must be given before the works are carried out as they will impact on the current parking in the station forecourt and that although a positive step to promote buses, the current SCC passenger transport review may in fact modify local bus services.

It was agreed that a station travel plan is needed in order to develop a more holistic transport strategy going forward. SCC is currently working in partnership with SWT to draw up a package of travel plans for a number of Surrey train stations – I have requested that Haslemere is prioritised.

The request that Haslemere Visitor Information Centre should have a greater presence at the station was positively received by SWT – I am currently following up on this. The general need for improved signage at the station, including real time bus information, was discussed and should be introduced as part of the forecourt reconfiguration.  A bid has been made for funding for a ‘Cycle hub’ for 100 bikes at the station – news on this later in March.

SWT: an additional 18 cycle parking spaces at the station are currently being installed.

Cycle improvements - Haslemere Station

Haslemere Conservation Area

Attended Haslemere Conservation Area Review meeting (on 29th January) at Haslemere Town Council. See here for more information about Haslemere’s town centre conservation area.

Haslemere Vision

Attended Haslemere Vision housing workshop (31st January). Once written up, the minutes will be here.

Undershaw/Stepping Stones School

Attended Undershaw planning meeting (4th February) and gave strong support for the planning application on education grounds (my letter to The Herald is here). Very pleased it was approved by Waverley Southern Planning Committee, the final decision is currently with the Secretary of State.

Local Highways Issues

Road safety continues to be an issue in several areas, meetings with residents and SCC highways:

  • Three Gates Lane/Church Road/A286 junction to discuss potential safety measures on A286 approach to Haslemere, including providing a permanent electricity supply to the VAS (currently solar powered), adding a small VAS speed sign opposite the Museum and moving the 30 limit signage
  • Grayswood to discuss improving safety for pupils in response to school expansion. Agreed to fund dropped kerb outside the school and gateway signage into village.  Local residents, the school, and the Village Traffic Liaison Group requested an extension of double solid centre white lines further north on the A286 to improve pedestrian safety. I supported this request, and asked SCC highways and the police to consider this.  The request has been rejected on technical grounds.
  • Critchmere Lane/Liphook Road junction to discuss pedestrian safety issues, unfortunately the lack of road width backed by the high railway bank precludes adding a pavement, SCC highways agreed to look at additional road markings
  • Woolmer Hill School to discuss pupil road safety with SCC schools road safety officer, agreed that best option is manned crossing patrol.
  • Shottermill Infant School to discuss pupil safety.
  • I have also requested that SCC highways respond to residents’ pedestrian safety concerns at the Sturt Road- Sun Brow/Kings Road junctions and along Scotland Lane.

Parking issues:

  • Lining outside St Bartholomew’s School have been reinstated following resurfacing. Other lining agreements from the Parking Review 2014 will be carried out soon. The lining team is running behind because of the volume of lining in Farnham. Have requested Haslemere is first on the list in the next parking review.
  • Lloyds Bank car park – access to the car park has been blocked causing knock-on effects to parking up College Hill and in Hill Road.  The landowner has now installed a railing, blocking pedestrian access down the side of the car park into the High Street. I have been in touch with the Surrey Legal Team regarding the possibility of formally designating this a right of way based on history of use. Have also arranged to meet Waverley’s Fire Safety Officer to assess access.

Other local works:

  • Met Vicarage Lane residents about potholes. The road has been included in Project Horizon (Surrey-wide highways improvement program) and is due for repair soon.
  • Lion Green footpath confirmed for repair
  • Vegetation work at Trout Road roundabout
  • Review of other locations raised by WBC and HTC at Manor Close, Oak Tree Lane/Sunvale
  • Residents of Sunbrow/Sickle Road continue to face highways issues linked to the the narrow width of the highway and the erosion of the bank below the WBC recreation area.
  • Installation of width restriction sign on Woolmer Hill.
  • Maintenance of street lights on Town Hall
  • Trying to help address issues of overflowing safety at Nutcombe Lane, Meadway

Waverley Local Area Committee funded Highways Improvement Schemes

  • Railings outside Clayton jewellery shop: a replacement model agreed with WBC conservation officer and HTC, date for installation tbc
  • Gateway/junction safety improvements at Courts Hill Road/Hill Road: design complete, installation date tbc
  • Pedestrian crossing safety improvements Shepherds Hill/Lower Street junction: design complete, installation date tbc
  • Gateway/traffic calming A287 and hopefully A286 approaches to Haslemere: in design stage

Other local matters

Attended a meeting with Haslemere Town Council and Surrey Waste Management to discuss the planned removal of the Saturday waste removal service. (Haslemere Dustcart Briefing Note)

Continuing to attend social service/education review meetings for a family with adopted children who are not currently getting the help they need.

To continue to put Haslemere First, always looking to improve the way local councillors work together. Made request to Haslemere Town Council suggesting ways of working more cooperatively and collaboratively by increasing councillor use of social media, joint councillor surgeries and posting recordings of meetings.

Community Pride Fund 2014-15

I have used these funds to provide a new grit bin for Scotlands Close, bike racks at Haslewey and to fund a week of a SCC vegetation gang.

Haslewey Bike Rack OpeningNew bike racks at Haslewey

County Councillor Members’ Allocation 2014-2015

Here is a summary of my members’ allocation awards: Logs4Labour

Logs for Labour scheme

  • Logs4Labour, £300
  • Haslemere Library, Children’s Arts & Craft Fund, £150
  • Woolmer Hill School, Orchestra Day & Young Musician Of The Year, £600
  • 1st Haslemere Scout Group, Camping & Outdoor Event Equipment, £1081
  • Haslemere Citizen’s Advive Bureau, New Boiler, £1,836
  • Crossways Counselling, Training for Counsellors, £1,800
  • Haslemere Vision, £3,000
  • St Johns Ambulance, First Aid Equipment, £962
  • Haslewey, Brighter Futures Project, £3,000

Haslewey Brighter FuturesSurrey Meetings

Environment and Transport Select Committee

Attended E & T Select Committee meeting (agenda here) (on 22nd January). Raised a question concerning the large number of highways projects where matched funding is required, concerned that this will negatively impact on Local Area Committee funding; however, Cabinet Member John Furey assured me it would not.

Met Cabinet Member for Transport and Surrey Communications Strategy team (22nd January) to discuss what lessons could be learned from the recent A286 example of poor communication.  Very useful, resulted in the planned development of a county wide protocol including the use of social media, local radio and the Member for Transport. Used social media (Facebook and Twitter) to share daily updates for the A286 roadworks and thanks to everyone who shared the information.

SCC Highways

Organised a meeting (26th January) with Living Streets, representatives from Haslemere Vision and SCC Highways Sustainability team. We discussed the options for a street audit to help create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets in the town.  I’ll write a separate update about this in the coming weeks.

Residents Association/Independent Group

Attended Independent Group meeting (3rd February) to discuss the council’s budget, which due to a further reduction in central Govt grant will result in cuts to local services. Despite this, SCC cabinet members have recently been awarded significant pay increases.  One of the Independents told the BBC here:

Councillor Eber Kington, from the Residents’ Association, said: “This council will not look at ways of saving money on the cost of running itself.”

Meetings of Waverley Youth Task Group (9th & 11th February) awarding contracts for Youth  Local Prevention Framework (1 to 1, and community outreach contracts). The priority of the framework is to build the resilience of young people and to remove identified barriers to their future employability as part of Surrey’s early help arrangements. For more information on youth services on offer in Waverley: search: “young surrey”.

Waverley Local Area Committee

Last Minutes from LAC meeting here. Next meeting will be on 20th March in Haslemere Hall and you can view the agenda here once it is ready. Please note the Waverley Local Area Committee is on Twitter, @WaverleyLC.


Surrey PCC Kevin Hurley commissioned YouGov plc to carry out independent research of Surrey people over a series of months to understand public sentiment towards the referendum. The questions asked and the corresponding results are here.

Notice of Surrey Community Action Funders’ Fair on 17th March – Funding Fair Invitation

“Are you looking after someone but juggling too much? The council is launching a fortnight long campaign, on Monday 2nd March to signpost people whose lives are squeezed by caring duties to information and support. It will also encourage them to talk to their GP about their caring role. Across Surrey there are people who spend much of their time juggling a career and running their home, while carrying out caring duties. Often referred to as “sandwich carers”, they will be providing unpaid care, mainly for an older or frail parent or relative, while also helping care for other family members, such as grandchildren. Such a caring commitment can put people under considerable stress, affecting their health and wellbeing.” Also see Hidden Carers here.

The Care Act is the biggest change to English adult social care law in over 60 years. Surrey County Council has a page here intended to help you understand the Act and how the council is responding in Surrey. 

YHA Hindhead ceases to be a youth hostel on 31st March this year as the lease has expired and it is going back to the National Trust. YHA Tanners Hatch is also available for Exclusive Hire, group bookings and individual/family bookings. The Youth Hostel is in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty close to Dorking. For further details please see and

Councillor Update for Haslemere October 2014

Here’s an update of some of my activities from the past few weeks.


1. A286 Gasden Lane to Beech Road currently being resurfaced. Road closures and diversions are in operation between 9.30am and 4.30pm.  Drivers have access to A286 before 9.30am even when road appears closed due to signage. Residents’ letter here.

Businesses in Haslemere, Grayswood and Brook are all still open.  I have raised my concerns over the impact of closures on local businesses and issues with communication with SCC Highways.  Businesses can claim for losses via SCC website. The council would need to compare income records for the last three years to establish a case for a claim, which SCC will consider.

2. A286 Hindhead Road, ( from Polecat Lane junction to Lion Green Tesco lights) resurfaced under winter maintenance program, work to start mid Oct 2014: Major roadwork delays.

3. Critchmere Hill triangle to be resurfaced Oct/November 2014 under winter maintenance program.

4. Deepdene Embankment – major maintenance new retaining wall – Oct- Dec, 2014

5. Derby Road East, St Bartholomew’s School due for repair during Oct half term.

5. Passenger Transport Review:

SCC is carrying out review of local transport services in the county, with the aim of making significant savings in this area over the next three years. The views of residents and partners will from a key part the review, and we have therefore launched a consultation. I would welcome your support in letting as many residents know about the consultation and encouraging them to give us their views via the online survey.

The aim of the review is to make savings while maintaining the services that residents rely on most, such as services that get people to work, hospitals and schools. To help achieve this, we have launched a public consultation, running from now until 14 January 2015. Plans will only be drawn up after residents, partners, bus-user groups and other stakeholders have had their say.

Alongside consulting with residents and other stakeholders, the review will also include development in the following areas:

·  Better procurement of local bus contracts

·  Better use of developer contributions to support services

·  Joint marketing with bus operators to increase the viability of Surrey’s bus market.

To take part in the consultation residents and stakeholders can complete the online survey, which will be widely promoted via our website and other digital channels. Here is the survey again:

Surrey Says logo

6. Haslemere Vision consultation results are now available: Results here.

6. Haslemere Town Council, Oct 15 2014 formal agreement to support a 20mph pilot scheme. I will now take this to the next Haslemere and Western Villages Task Group (HWVTG) on Nov 3, 2014 to take forward.

7. Waverley Borough Council Local Plan. The consultation closed on Friday. I am concerned that the 4 options being presented as possible scenarios include Dunsfold, as, until the transport infrastructure issues with that option are resolved, it is not actually a viable option.  The Youth Campus in Wey Hill is identified as a key site for housing but the huts are a key community asset, l am concerned that an equal or better provision for all the groups that use the site  is found before houses are built.


Waverley Local Area Committee Funded Highways Improvement Schemes 2013/14 and 2014/15

Fosters Bridge flooding: improvements feasibility study 12 months late, to be delivered Oct 2014, actions to be discussed at Haslemere and Western Villages TG Nov 3 2014.

Shepherds Hill/Courts Hill Road crossing pedestrian safety improvement: feasibility study delivered to November 3 2014 HWVTG.

Crtichmere Hill/Hindhead Road junction safety improvements: feasibility study delivered to HWVTG Nov 3 2014.

High Street Railings, outside Clayton’s- currently in dilapidated state.  Highways agreed to replace by Christmas, 2014.

Cycle/pedestrian network for Haslemere: feasibility study delayed, will not be delivered to Nov 3 2014 HWVTG.  Met with local members of Waverley Cycle Forum and local cyclists to discuss priorities for Haslemere cycle/walking network to input to feasibility study.

“Gateways” on approaches in Haslemere: location design and to be discussed at Nov 3 2014 TG, and then discussed with partners, HTC and WBC.


Haslemere High Street, requested police speed radar check to be installed.

Grayswood Infant School, met with Traffic Liaison Group – highly effective local stakeholder group working to reduce the impact of increased traffic/parking resulting from school expansion to full primary. Initiatives include walking bus, kiss and drop and staggered school start. Met with SCC Highways to request road safety improvements including additional anti-skid on A286/Lower Street junction during current resurfacing, and new drop curbs opposite school.

Shottermill Infant School, discussions with leadership team on how improve Lion Lane crossing safety. Zebra crossing option to be taken to Nov HWVTG.

Weydown Road community speed watch: joined members of the team. Initiative to reduce traffic speeds.

Weydown Road Speedwatch

Gullies: discussed at Environment and Transport Select Committee, Sept 10, 2014.  New Conway contract to survey 180,000 gullies in Surrey measuring silt levels and ranking each as high, medium and low flooding risk.  High risk will be jetted on 6 month cycle, medium risk on 12 month cycle and low risk on 28 month cycle.  At the committee I raised my concerns that residents reporting blocked gullies via SCC website often received an unsatisfactory response, with poor, if any, follow up.

Haslemere Train Station, Local Sustainable Transport Funded Two Parks Project in partnership with SWT and SCC passenger transport plans to reconfigure the train station forecourt to make it safer for bus, pedestrian and cycle access.  Met with SCC project leader to discuss the planned changes to raise my concerns that the scheme must be more integrated into a wider traffic management scheme for Lower Street, and that public engagement is vital if the scheme is to be a success.

Lengthsman scheme funding, liaising with HTC to use this local fund to resolve local gully and vegetation issues, particularly urgent problems that can take time for SCC to address.

A3 Tunnel/Critchmere Road – Traffic impact report still waiting to be supplied by highways.


In my September update, I wrote about the Skatepark Summer Event which was supported with grant from my Members Allocation. I have also supported application for SCC Community Grants, delighted park has been awarded £30,000 grant for park reburbishment.

Haslemere Food Bank, in my September update I forgot to mention the Haslemere Food Bank and my attendance at the first annual meeting in July 2014. Significant increase in demand over the first year of operation. First 6 months of operation July-Dec 2013, 129 people receiving food parcels (60 adults/47 children receiving repeat packs). Jan- June 2014, (240 people received food packs, 81 adults and 85 children receiving repeat packs.)

Divisional Visit by SCC Director of Environment and Transport, a pleasure to welcome the Director to Haslemere and raise a number of local issues which he has agreed to follow up.

Haslemere Sports Awards Evening, Oct 14, 2014 Georgian House Hotel, delighted to present an award, so impressed by our young talented sportsmen and women, and the dedication of volunteer coaches and parents.

Haslemere Library summer reading challenge, prize giving.  I presented Jacob Brewer and Xabi Hawkins with the prize of a free DVD voucher which they won in the prize draw after completing the Mythical Maze Summer Reading Challenge treasure hunt.Haslemere Library runs a weekly children’s book club, and half term circus skills workshop (see website).

Reading Prize Haslemere Library

Attended very enjoyable relaunch – “A New Chapter” – of Haslemere Bookshop. Their re-launch raised £200 for The Alzheimers Society

Embedded image permalink

Undershaw, Hindhead Planning Application for change of use to accommodate an extension of the existing Stepping Stones, an innovative and highly successful school for children with learning and physical difficulties. I have given this application my full support (more here).

SCC/LAC Meetings Attended

Local Area Committee Private Meeting: Waverley Borough Council Local Plan: housing consultation

Surrey CC Full Councilsee here for information.

Local Area Committee – see here for Committee papers.

September Update

I hope all readers had a great Summer. The Barton Family were in Kenya fundraising for the Tusk Trust and Magnet School & Orphanage. We survived the Safaricom and volunteered in the orphanage. More about our adventure towards the end of this blog post but first…

Here are some county councillor updates…


Resurfacing Works: A286 Haslemere Road / Grayswood Road : Godalming / Haslemere

Surrey County Council will be carrying out essential carriageway reconstruction and resurfacing works on the A286 Haslemere Road / Grayswood Road  between Gasden Lane & Highercombe Road. The resurfacing works will involve day time road closures and diversion, between the hours of 09:00 – 16:30 week commencing  the 29th September 2014.

In an effort to minimise disruption to local schools, residents and businesses the works will be undertaken in three phases as detailed below-

  1. Gasden Lane to Roke Lane.
  2. Roke Lane to The Mount / Lower Road
  3. The Mount / Lower Road to Highercombe Road.

Due to the nature of work being undertaken access to your properties will be severely restricted and could be subject to long delays. If you need vehicular access during the above period it may be advisable to find alternative parking arrangements away from the A286 during the above working times otherwise please allow additional time for your journey. Please read more information here.


Haslemere Visitor Centre is celebrating the Arts and Crafts Movement that was centred in Haslemere 100 years ago with several events to enlighten and inspire all ages. Whether you love history or arts and crafts you will be intrigued to find out more about the history of Haslemere right here on your doorstep! Please click here more information. Events include Guided Tour of Local Arts & Crafts Buildings by Catherine Eyre (Saturday 13th September) and Guided Tour of St. Christopher’s Arts & Craft Church (Saturday 27th September).

Haslemere Food Festival. On Saturday 27th September 2014, Haslemere will play host to a one day celebration of all things food and drink; a chance to experience the best the region has to offer! Click here for more information about the Festival. Click here for information about The Food Festival’s Schools Competition.

The Tour of Britain will take place this month. Stage 7, Camberley to Brighton will pass through Haslemere on 13th September 2014. You can check out details here.

The Tour of Britain

The Orchard Club, Friends of Age UK, Haslemere, is hosting a Harvest Wine & Dine on Monday 29th September @12 noon. Bookings: 01428 658190 Visit their website:


Take on the Surrey Travel Smart Challenge

The Travel SMART Challenge is now under way. It encourages Surrey residents to take their everyday journeys by sustainable means. Throughout September, workplaces across Surrey will battle it out to show that their employees make the smartest travel choices. Please encourage your residents to register for the Travel SMART Challenge by visiting

Surrey’s Mobile Advisory Service for the Deaf will be in Haslemere

The service will be at Rolston House, Vicarage Lane, on Thursday 18th September 2014 between 2pm and 4pm. September 2014 Mobile Advisory Service venue list.


1. The Surrey County Council Residents’ Association/Independents will be meeting in Kingston on 9th September 2014.

2. Surrey County Council’s Environment and Transport Select Committee will meet on 10th September 2014. Agenda here. Items being considered are

  • Operation Horizon – Annual Report
  • Gully Cleaning Update
  • Annual Report Of The Winter Maintenance Task Group
  • Local Transport Review
  • Surrey Wildlife Trust

3. During the day of 11th September 2014, I am meeting SCC’s Highways team in Haslemere.

4. Haslemere Town Council will meet on 11th September 2014 at 7pm. Here is the agenda. There will be a presentation from the 20 is Plenty group regarding 20 mph speed limits.

5. The Waverley Local Area Committee will meet on 26 September 2014 1.30 pm at Wrecclesham Community Centre, Greenfield Road, Farnham GU9 8TJ. See the Waverley committee page here.


Derby Road potholes outside St Bart’s School

Work has begun on the school extension. As big lorries will be using this road for access, we have decided to delay the repair of the road until December 2014. This has been agreed in consultation with the school’s Headteacher, Mr Beckerson, and the Derby Road Residents’ Association.

Workshop at Haslemere Skate Park

Enjoyed attending a skate park workshop last month. Part of my members’ allowance was given to the skate park.

Haslemere Skate Park



AND! Finally…My husband, Jerry, my daughters and I were in Kenya fundraising for the Tusk Trust and Magnet School & Orphanage over the summer.

Barton Safaricom

We competed in one of the toughest running events in the world this summer.  The 15th annual Safaricom Marathon took place in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya, home to all the “Big 5” species and a leader in developing local communities alongside wildlife conservation.  Our daughters, Camille and Eléa, ran in the 5km race for under 16s, and were sponsored for Magnet School & Orphanage in the deprived Nairobi suburb, Ongata Rongai, raising over £1500.  Jerry and I ran in the half-marathon for the Tusk Trust, which promotes sustainable development, education, healthcare and wildlife conservation across Africa.

Before the race, helicopters and armed wardens cleared the wild animals from the route of the race which runs through the bush. This year, the children’s race was delayed while a pack of hyenas was cleared off the course. The race is tough due to its demanding cross-country route, combined with being at an altitude of 6000ft and the intense African heat, not to mention the adrenaline from the risk of meeting a rhino or buffalo straying onto the course. Camille and Eléa came in the top half of a 220-strong field made up mainly of local Kenyan boys and girls, finishing 1st and 3rd ‘mzungu’ or non-Kenyan girls.

During the trip we visited a local community water project in Lewa that showed how a small investment can improve the lives of thousands of people via the installation of a low tech system to make better use of precious fresh spring water.  We also spent the night at Magnet School & Orphanage in Nairobi, hosted by the Principal, Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi. They delivered 9 large boxes of much-needed stationery, books, shoes and clothing as well as sports equipment and musical instruments. We would like to thank everyone who very generously gave us donations to take to Magnet, including the girls’ classmates at Amesbury and Guildford High School, friends and parishioners at St Stephen’s Church in Shottermill, Nobb’s the Newsagents, The Sports Locker and Chamberlain Music. It is impossible to describe the joy of the Magnet High children, many of whom are orphans, on receiving the gifts we brought with us.

We also saw how every penny of the sponsorship money Camille and Eléa have raised so far has been effectively used by Bishop Jeremiah to improve the school.  Four years ago when Camille and her father visited Magnet for the first time, the girls’ dormitory was also used as the school dining room. The girls slept two to a bunk in the extremely hot, corrugated tin shack.  On this visit, the Magnet girls proudly showed off their separate brick dormitory, built using the sponsorship funds, where now each girl has her own bed.

For more information and the opportunity to sponsor us, go to: