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Maria and Nikki campaigning today in the High Street

Maria and Nikki here. We enjoyed campaigning in the High Street this morning with supporters.

We had a mixed range of comments about being independent candidates and standing for the town council.

Ziggy can’t vote. Here’s Ziggy supporting Maria and Nikki with a white rosette.

I’ll be supporting those independents – it’s just not healthy to have all that party politics in a town council.

I like the sound of those two – pity I didn’t register to vote, I will for next time.

I have voted already by post. You both got my vote.

I’m crossing my fingers to hope they do get elected. We need them on the town council.

I’m in Shottermill but I would vote for those independents if I could.

I live in Courts Hill Road and I love the new lighting in Sandrock that I read about in your leaflet. So my wife and I voted for you.

There should not be party politics at local level.

We’ll be out campaigning again tomorrow and we look forward to meeting more voters.

On 8th June

you have TWO VOTES





for the

Haslemere South Ward in the town council election.

#VoteMateo #VoteBarton #VoteIndy

Delivering leaflets today – Haslemere South Ward HTC by-election – 8th June

Message from Maria Mateo and Nikki Barton: We began delivering our Haslemere Town Council campaign leaflets on Saturday and then stopped campaigning due to the Manchester attack.

Today, we resumed campaigning with a team of great volunteers in Haslemere South sharing the work by helping us deliver our campaign leaflets.

Do let us know if you have a few spare hours to help support our campaign. #VoteIndependent

Maria Mateo and Nikki Barton – Your Haslemere South Ward Candidates

In March 2017,  the local press reported that three elected councillors – half way through their term – have resigned from Haslemere Town Council.

This has caused by-elections to fill these councillor vacancies including one by-election in the Haslemere South Ward (2 vacancies) where Maria Mateo and Nikki Barton live.

Mateo and Barton are your Independent candidates for this by-election.

The by-election will be on Thursday 8th June. As you are aware, this is the same day as the general election.  You will have two ballot papers on this day at The Georgian House Hotel polling station.  One will be to vote in the general election for an MP (one ballot paper, one vote).  The other ballot paper will be to vote in the Town Council by-election for two new town councillors (one ballot paper, two votes for two councillors).

On the ballot paper, which will be a green colour, you’ll see our names – MARIA MATEO & NIKKI BARTON – and there will be no party political logo; after all, we feel in a local election, local decisions should simply be about people, not political parties.


Maria Mateo

I care about Haslemere. My family have lived here for over ten years. I am actively involved in our wonderful community. I have worked as a solicitor and local adviser with Citizens Advice and now training as a Waverley Supervisor with this charity.

I’m a volunteer and have given many hours to several community groups (Haslemere First Respondents, Orchard Club, and Haslemere Rugby and Football Clubs). I organised a local school’s walking bus.

As your independent councillor, I will be open and transparent, listening to Haslemere residents and representing your views in the Council Chamber.


Nikki at HillFest

With experience as your County Councillor, I have a proven track record in putting Haslemere first. I moved to Haslemere South with my family a decade ago and have engaged with the local community through: school governorship; Haslemere Hockey Club; Fringe Festival; Haslemere Vision; Chair – Haslemere Community Rail Partnership.

I will continue prioritising community engagement with openness and transparency.  Never afraid to speak up and my record as Haslemere’s first Independent SCC can be seen via the pages of this blog.

With a wealth of experience and understanding of local government, I will champion good traffic management and child/pedestrian safety as a priority.

Nikki’s Surrey County Councillor Final Update for Haslemere

Surrey County Councillor Final Update

This is Nikki’s final update as your Independent Surrey County Councillor, it has been a real privilege to serve the community of Haslemere for the past 4 years.

Highways Issues

I would like to thank the SCC Highways team for all their input and patient advice during my term in office.

I have held regular meetings with the Highways team, and local residents to discuss a range of local issues as well as giving updates to Haslemere town council.   Other key issues include:

Lower Street:  road safety

Lower Street residents contacted me as they were concerned about traffic speeds, pedestrian safety and disabled access.  I set up a meeting with SCC Highways officers.  Residents proposed a number of measures to address safety issues- including a pavement in front of their properties, a one way traffic system, speed reduction, a ramped access to the high pavement, better parking enforcement and the poor state of the steps accessing the Waitrose car park.

Highways officers response: unfortunately Lower Street is physically too narrow to put in a pavement on the north side, it would only be feasible if a one way system was put in place- but costs and practicalities mean this is not a viable option.  A ramped access, although potentially feasible would be prohibitively expensive.  The Waitrose access is the responsibility of Waverley BC.

Traffic speed reduction was agreed to be the most possible to address.  Traffic speed data analysis along Lower Street indicates an average speed within the threshold to permit consideration of a 20mph zone.  The current financial crisis facing SCC means there is little chance of implementing this in the immediate term, it was recommended residents consider a community speed watch to monitor traffic speeds, and raise awareness of the issue.

An open meeting will be held on May 10th, St Barts School at 6.45pm.

 Lion Lane:  Shottermill Infant School- new pedestrian crossing (photo to come)

Shottermill Infant school governing body requested a zebra crossing to make it safer for children and parents crossing Lion Lane to get to both Shottermill Infant and Junior School.  I gave the proposal my full support and worked with the Highways team to secure funding for the scheme.  Most of the work has been completed, electrical work on the belisha beacon lights will be finished in the next 2 weeks and the crossing fully opened.

 Critchmere: highways drainage

Critchmere residents in recently built homes were experiencing severe drainage issues causing recurring property flooding.  I asked SCC Highways officers to help resolve the issues. After many months of investigation Kirby Homes accepted responsibility for the problem, a new drain culvert was put in preventing further flooding.

College Hill footpath public inquiry successful outcome for the town

The College Hill footpath, used for generations as a safe passage was blocked last year by developers Mr Warner and Mr Robbie. A public inquiry was held and in Jan 2017 the inspector found in favour of the community- the footpath (FP 604) was reopened and now has official ‘rights of way’ status.

At the inquiry I was concerned that the taxpayer was footing the bill for the SCC legal team in the inquiry when the defence case lacked any tangible evidence.  SCC’s legal team agreed to make claim for costs. In April 2017, SCC was awarded full costs of over £7000.

Bunch Lane posts

Residents of Bunch Lane requested wooden posts to protect a section of footpath from parked cars and traffic damage. I secured funding for this scheme.

Old Haslemere Road

Residents requested the replacement of a damaged grit bin.  There are new strict criteria for grit bin replacement, and I provided the additional necessary councillor support to achieve this.

Night light switch off

A number of residents have raised their concerns over the recent SCC cost saving night time street light switch off- in particular along routes used by commuters.  Unfortunately there are strict guidelines for this, I have challenge this and requested an extension until 01.00 hours. I trust my successor will continue this.

Haslemere Train Station

Haslemere Community Rail Partnership – helped organise the official opening of community information hub in the station shop. The partnership has funded a part-time hub manager to coordinate a team of volunteers that will man the shop over the summer months- promoting the town, its businesses, events and surrounding countryside.  The shop has already welcomed many visitors, including a couple of walkers from India who arrived at Haslemere station from London to explore the South Downs without any maps or local information.

Visitors to the Station Hub

The partnership has also funded the clearance and replanting of the flower beds on the platforms and planters to screen the new car park.  Plans include window boxes outside the waiting rooms and an improvement of the station flower beds on Lower Street.

Spring Planting along the platform at Haslemere Station

The SWT funded forecourt works are nearly complete, with unfortunate delays to the paving at the station entrance.

The new trees and hedging plants are beginning to screen the new car park structure, I gave very clear input to SWT during the pre-construction consultation that native species should be used rather than the planned ‘ivy’ walls.

The station travel plan survey identified the need for additional sheltered waiting places for travellers outside the station forecourt to reduce congestion at the station.  A 12 metre bus shelter (3x4m) with some seating and lighting has been ordered for the bus layover on Lower Street.  This should be installed by mid-June 2017.

Agreement has been reached in principle with SWT, SCC and the Station House development to fund a traffic calming scheme at the station to reduce speeds and improve safety for pedestrians- and particularly those using the bus stop on Lower Street.  A design will be drawn up by SCC Highways.

The provision of real time bus information is the final element of the station improvement scheme to be finalised.

Other key community issues and events: 

Marjorie Grey Hall Alzheimer’s Society Day Centre– under threat of closure following the Alzheimer’s Society decision to withdraw from the centre with a mere 3 months’ notice. I attended a number of meetings to see if a community led rescue solution could be found.  SCC provides funded and referral places at the centre, and highly values the provision it provides for a large geographic area of SW Surrey.

A group met with Jeremy Hughes, CEO Alzheimer’s Society. I had discovered other day care centres had been given 6 months’ notice, and asked that the Marjorie Grey centre be given the same to give the chance to save the centre and the services it provides.

An additional 3 months was granted until the end of June, 2017.  A working party has been formed.  To date:  NHS property board has formally agreed to transfer the lease to Haslemere Town Council, securing the future of the building for community day care use.  SCC is continuing to refer clients to the centre, discussions are on-going with various partners and an appeal has been made for donations to a transition fund to help keep the centre going until a new structure has been fully established. Please contact Haslemere Town Council if you wish to make a donation.

SCC youth services: meeting with SCC youth services officers and Haslemere Town Council to agree how to provide additional sessions at the Weycentre in the face of SCC cuts, with the result that there are no SCC funded youth sessions.  It was agreed that priority should be given to sexual health and well-being, HTC agreed to fund a weekly session for a 6 month trial period.  Unfortunately due to SCC cuts, Surrey were unable to provide a key worker for these sessions.

NHS: Stroke services consultation– attended a meeting with NHS managers to discuss local concerns over NHS plans to relocate stroke services to Frimley Park and St Peter’s hospitals.  It is critical that a stroke sufferer receives a lifesaving injection within 2 hours of the stroke. The NHS plans are based on 2 highly unrealistic assumptions that an ambulance arrives immediately on the scene in Haslemere, and also that journey times are 45-50 minutes to Frimley or St Peter’s Hospital.  The South East Ambulance service has been failing to meet its response targets and has been identified as a failing service. We were told by the NHS management that a consultation process was consider these concerns but there was concern by many that the plans were presented as a ‘fait accompli’. Coverage here in the Herald.

Hillfest, Woolmer Hill school music festival- it was a great pleasure to attend Hillfest where a sell-out crowd to listened to the many excellent music acts in the sunshine.

Other council meetings attended include:

SCC Full Council March 2017: Budget– A totally shambolic day in the Council Chamber.  We arrived expecting to vote on whether to hold a referendum to raise council tax by 15% in the face of a financially unsustainable position.  (CIPRA had carried out an official audit that raised serious concerns about SCC financial management, and sustainability).

The meeting was adjourned for several hours. On our return to the chamber it was announced that the 15% hike had been dropped, and we were to vote on a 4.99% rise.  There was no detail of any kind on this new budget, without this vital knowledge I abstained in the vote.  Numerous Conservative councillors congratulated the Leader David Hodge on his success at securing a special deal with central govt.  I asked a question about this “special deal”, and for detail on how much extra money SCC would be getting.  I was told there was no special deal what so ever.

Read press release here: Residents’ Association Councillor asks “Can things get any worse for David Hodge and the SCC Conservatives”

David Hodge’s texts sent to the wrong “Nick” subsequently revealed that a sweetheart deal had been brokered. This was denied by central government and despite 5 SCC MPs holding cabinet positions, I presume was unable to be seen to give financial favours to Surrey. To my knowledge no extra funding has been received, meaning the SCC faces a highly challenging financial crisis.  SCC will be allowed to take part in the business rate pilot earlier than planned.

Brightwells/East Street development, Farnham- although outside my division I am very concerned about the lack of process in the decision by SCC to invest £30 million into a property development scheme when many experts have challenged its viability.  Even SCC audits consider the financial investment is on the margins of viability, justifying the investment in terms of ‘community benefit’ that will accrue.

I asked a question about the moral case for investing £30 million of Surrey tax payer’s money, in a questionable scheme given the county is in financial crisis- with cuts expected to essential services going forward.  I was given an extremely hostile response by Conservative councillors to my question.

Waverley Local Area Committee– Hale Institute, Farnham. Papers here.

Haslemere Town Council– gave county concillor update

Members Allocation: 2016/17 total allowance- £10,296

Waverley Skateparks Open Day 2016 – £500

A Place to Be Youth Group: A Place to Be Yourself project – £300

Tennyson’s Sure Start Children’s Centre: provision of a crèche for Parenting Puzzle course – £452

Woolmer Hill School:  Orchestra Day and Young Musician of the Year event – £680

Crossways Counselling: Equipment for creative counselling sessions – £1280

Haslemere Hockey Club: Schools program – £240

Haslemere Great War: Great War Centenary Flagpole project at St Christopher’s Church – £400

Haslemere Community Rail Partnership:  Train station information hub – £750

St Bartholomew’s School: One Book project – £1500

The Orchard Club: Neighbourhood Lunch Club – £500

Transition Town, Haslemere: Community allotment – £300

Haslemere Citizens Advice Bureau: Purchase a lap top and mobile phone – £580

Woolmer Hill School: Library refurbishment – £2606

Haslemere String Competition: Local competition for talented young musicians on 18th May  – £200


When I look back over 4 years, I clearly remember a shop keeper in Haslemere saying he would bet £100 on me getting elected. He said it was a safe bet as it would be impossible for an Independent to succeed.  He also said that if by chance I did get elected, I wouldn’t be able to achieve much – as I wouldn’t be part of the Conservative ruling majority party.

I did get elected on a manifesto of openness, transparency and community engagement, and believe I have managed to get quite a lot done for the community over 4 years.

A few of my achievements

  • Regular updates on haslemerefirst.com, sharing all my SCC activities and decisions.
  • Blackdown Lane resurfacedHigh Street conservation area- declutter of all redundant signage, signage upgrade and all street furniture painted black
  • Derby Road East resurfaced- the section of private road outside St Bart’s school until then refused resurfacing
  • Weyhill resurfaced- inexplicably not included in Project Horizon resurfacing program despite being main road through town
  • Student concessionary train fares for 16-18 year olds in full time education- negotiated with SCC officers to extend the scheme to pupils travelling south from Haslemere, previously only those travelling north were eligible
  • Sandrock- new conservation lighting columns along a previously unlit section heavily used by commuters and school pupils
  • Weyhill- new zebra crossing
  • Lion Lane- new zebra crossing serving Shottermill Infant and Junior schools
  • Haslemere Community Rail Partnership- set up the partnership with SWT, and other key community groups to improve the station and promote the town
  • Station travel plan commissioned to develop a more holistic travel plan for Haslemere and the station
  • College Hill footpath reopened following SCC legal challenge to blockade by developers- and I requested the successful claim for appeal expenses against the defendant
  • Stepping Stones school- provided support from SCC education that was vital in securing successful planning permission in an appeal

Thanks very much for reading my blog. I hope you have found my updates useful and I wish the newly elected County Councillor for Haslemere much success representing residents.

Au Revoir …

BBC Surrey interview – What it was like to be a Surrey County Councillor

On Friday, I was interviewed by BBC Surrey, talking about what it was like to be a Surrey County Councillor.

At the end of the interview, I announced that Maria Mateo and I will be standing as Independent Councillors in the Haslemere Town Council by-election on June 8th.

Here is a clip of the interview:

Some Haslemere Highways updates

Here are some Highways/Parking updates for Haslemere –

Lower Street: The current proposed start date for road repairs in Lower Street is 20th January 2017 and the work will be completed at night for 1 day.  However, with the current weather, the repair date could change.

NB Lower Street

Kings Road:  Resurfacing is scheduled for 25th January 2017.  Sometimes plans have to change, often due to bad weather or problems on other works in the same programme which can have a knock on effect. If anything changes with the details of these works, we will let you know. This leaflet has been distributed to residents and local businesses and contains more information.

NB Kings Road

Sturt Road: Works are scheduled to complete by the end of January. I will have an exact date by Monday afternoon when I meet with the Surrey County Council highways team.

Residents can also find up to date details of the works on www.surreycc.gov.uk/roadworks

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the council on 0300 200 1003.

Double yellow lines in the vicinity of St Bartholomew’s church: I have met the church and residents about this with Surrey County Council’s parking team. As a result of this, it has been agreed that a parking restriction scheme will be put in place here with yellow lining. It will be implemented this year. I have contacted the parking team to get an installation date.

Extended Double Yellows Hill Road/Midhurst Road: Extended double yellow have been agreed at the junction of Hill Road/Midhurst Road to improve sightlines. I await a date from the parking team.

Haslemere County Councillor Update

Ahead of the Christmas holidays, here’s an update of some of my recent activities as Haslemere’s Surrey County Councillor.

Surrey County council budget crisis

You may be interested to read my full statement here regarding Surrey County Council’s budget crisis. The Haslemere Herald led with an article on this subject last week: Funding cuts could cause council tax to rise by 18 per cent

Street Lighting

  • The implementation of Part Night lighting has begun in Surrey Heath and will follow shortly in Guildford and Waverley
  • Risks around road safety and crime have been minimised wherever possible through the implementation process which includes the timing of the switch off when fewer people are on our roads and site visits to all locations
  • Read here the statement from Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Flooding, John Furey, regarding street lighting

Charging at recycling centres

  • Increased demand for essential services, coupled with reduced Government funding, means Surrey County Council needs to reduce its spending in other areas.
  • Click the leaflet here that explains the charges
  • Click the leaflet here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding charging


  • Five hundred tonnes were dealt with in September 2015 compared with 283 tonnes last month
  • Read statement here from Mike Goodman, Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning, regarding fly tipping

Haslemere Community Rail Partnership established. Haslemere won a national award. Update

Attended opening of the new car park deck at Haslemere train station.  The new carpark deck at the station is just one element in a wider scheme to improve Haslemere station and its environs.  This is a strategic initiative designed to promote the town and the enjoyment of its beautiful surrounding countryside, in the context of the 1.4 million passenger journeys made each year through the station.  South West Trains, SCC and the recently created Haslemere Community Rail Partnership are the lead partners in this project, which has already received a national ACORP award for its innovative approach. Attended award presentation with Ken Griffiths of Haslemere Events.

Ken Griffiths (Haslemere Events) and me with the Award certificate

Ken Griffiths (Haslemere Events) and me with the Award certificate

Key features of the improvement include the new cycle hub at the station for 120 bikes, together with forecourt works to upgrade access for pedestrians and bus users.  In addition, the vacant station shop has been renovated to create a community Visitor Information hub and Rail Partnership has secured funding for it to have a member of staff who will coordinate a team of volunteer travel and visitor ambassadors.  New maps and signage will be installed to help arriving visitors to the town and there is to be new planting both on the platforms and on the station approaches.  I am currently working with Surrey Highways on both the installation of a proposed cantilevered bus shelter in the current bus layover (which will provide a new pick-up and drop-off point to reduce forecourt congestion) and on the relocation of the current ‘caged’ bus stop opposite the station to a safer position. (Read here an earlier update where resident feedback helped inform forecourt changes.)

Example of Design for Cantilevered Bus Shelter. Final version to be agreed.

Example of Design for Cantilevered Bus Shelter. Final version to be agreed.

This holistic joined-up approach to improving the station would not have been possible without the energy, enthusiasm and financial contributions of the numerous partners of the Haslemere Community Rail Partnership, which I have the privilege to chair.  Founding partners are South West Trains, Surrey County Council, Haslemere Town Council, South Downs National Park, Haslemere Visitor Information Centre, Haslemere Fringe, Haslemere Museum, the Haslemere Society and Haslemere Vision.  Most recently, the partnership has been joined by The Station House hotel and we look forward to welcoming other new members in due course.

First car to drive on upper deck

First car to drive on upper deck

High Street/College Hill Footpath Inquiry

Local residents requested my support to challenge the blocking of the pedestrian right of way from the High Street to College Hill.  In this process I liaised with SCC Highways and the legal team.  The decision came up at the Waverley Local Area Committee (see here) and it was decided unanimously to apply for a Map Modification Order (MMO) to formalise this public footpath by right of long continuous usage by the community. Haslemere Herald article: ‘Alley war’ will be determined after public inquiry

I attended the public inquiry on 30th November and  1st December 2016. The Government Inspector has approved the MMO.  You can read the Inspector’s decision footpath here.  The developers that have blocked the path, Peter Warner and Hamish Robbie, have 6 weeks from the publication of the decision to appeal.  I hear from many residents that they are very happy with this outcome.

Wey Hill Pedestrian Crossing

Following requests from local residents and businesses I secured Waverley Local Committee funding for a pedestrian crossing at the top of Weyhill. More here.  Working with the Highways team, we successfully addressed some concerns of local residents. I have received positive feedback.

New crossing at Wey Hill

New crossing at Wey Hill

Shottermill Junior School New Library Opening

Attended opening of the fantastic new school library, an inspiring space for young people to learn and read.


I supported this project with an £800 award from my members allocation (more information here re . members’ allocation awards).

Stepping Stones: Undershaw Opening

Attended the opening of Undershaw at Hindhead, the new Stepping Stones school premises in the renovated home of Sir Conan Doyle.

nb-undershaw-1 nb-undershaw-3

I supported the planning application for Undershaw on the grounds that Stepping Stones provides a vital educational resource for Surrey students.

I am working with the SCC Education team to explore further collaborative opportunities with Stepping Stones for 19-25 year olds with learning difficulties going forward.

Local Committee funded Highways project 2016/17         

I have secured the following funding for road repairs locally.

  • Sturt Road  (including drainage repairs). £22,900 funding. (Works started but then were delayed until Jan 2017 as unforeseen damaged sub-surface pipes belonging to Thames Water required emergency repair before the works could be completed).
  • Lower Street. £23,367 funding
  • Kings Road. £19,730 funding
  • High Lane. £14,217 (works completed)

We are waiting for confirmation of 2017/ 2018 budget for highways maintenance.

Haslemere Grit Bins

Due to budgetary pressures, assessment of local grit bin requirements are being carried out.  Grit bins will only be removed from the network if they are broken. Each bin has been assessed based on its location and as agreed by local members a bin scoring over 100 points will be automatically replaced, any location score under 100 will be referred to the Local Area Team and Local member for them to review to see if they would want to fund a replacement. Once informed that a grit bin is broken and scores under the required score for replacement we wait until the end of the winter period to remove the grit bin, so that any salt in the bin can be used.

Quad bikes were previously hired for the winter period while testing vehicles to see which were the most suitable and useful during the winter period. As the quad bikes were not cost efficient they were not hired the following winter.

For interest, map here showing footway priority snow clearance and cold weather plan.

Also, Highway Cold Weather update plus priority route map here.

Other work in progress

Following requests from Shottermill Infant and Junior schools governing bodies, secured SCC funding for a pedestrian crossing on Lion Lane opposite Shottermill Infant School.  The design work has been completed and the crossing is planned for Spring 2017.

Upgrade to street lighting in West Street – to add a lighting column and convert existing to conservation grade as West Street is in conservation area.

Installation of cantilevered bus shelter at Lower Street bus layover and relocation of existing Lower Street bus stop to safer location.

Local highways issues

I hold regular meetings with SCC Highways team and Haslemere Town Council to discuss local issues, recent topics have included vegetation cut back, grit bins, gully clearance, pot holes, parking, traffic speeds.

Traffic speeds

Speeds continue to be a key concern, there have been 2 tragic deaths, and one seriously injured pedestrian over the past year on Haslemere’s streets.  The 2016 Waverley Health Profile highlights that deaths and serious injuries on Waverley’s roads are significantly worse than the English average (for all other indicators of health and well-being Waverley scored better than the England average).  I made a statement at Full Council, Dec 2016 calling on the Cabinet Member for Highways, John Furey for SCC to take action to address this issue. See my question here.

I continue to press SCC to establish a policy on average speed cameras. Going forward, I will be working with fellow SCC councillors in neighbouring constituencies to explore the possibilities of average speed camera cost/time sharing.

I have held discussions with residents, SCC Highways and parking teams about traffic speeds and pedestrian safety in various locations around town including:

  • Lower Street/Shepherds Hill junction: highway improvement scheme completed, ideally further measures would be introduced but legal restrictions and narrow carriageway limit what is possible.
  • Tanners Lane and the St Bartholomew’s triangle: SCC parking team has agreed the introduction of parking restrictions to improve safety
  • High Street/Three Gates Lane approach: after many delays the broken, solar powered VAS on southern approach to 3 Gates Lane has been fully electrified and new VAS on approach to Church Lane installed to slow traffic speeds
  • Petworth Rd/Blackdown Lane junction: The Variable Activated Speed (VAS) sign on the Petworth Road/Blackdown Lane junction is facing the wrong way, request to correct this currently with SCCC Highways.


Agreement with SCC Highways to nominate Haslemere High Street as the key priority for repair under Project Horizon programme for pavement works 2017/18.

A section of pavement running alongside the station car park is cracking and subsiding. Met with SCC and South West Trains (SWT) engineers – agreed that damage is linked to car park construction works so that SWT will repair.

Local flooding and gully clearance

Regular meetings with the SCC Highways team to discuss jetting priorities.

Met with residents in Critchmere experiencing regular flooding due to drainage issues following local development.  Extensive works required and agreed with SCC and the developer to resolve the problem.

Met with Sickle Mill Road residents, SCC Highways and Waverley Borough housing officers to discuss problems of bank slippage and flooding.

Surrey Cycle Strategy

As part of the Surrey Transport Plan, a Surrey Cycling Strategy was established in 2013, with Local Committees to oversee development of Local Cycling Plans.  My concern is that while the policy states as its aim “more people cycling, more safely” there are no targets for is no dedicated Surrey CC budget for cycle improvements or targets.

Some of the other local and county meetings attended

Waverley Local Committee and Full Council, and Economic Prosperity, Environment and Highways Board.

Review of Waverley Core Planning Strategy meeting

Waverley Youth Task Group meeting

Community Rail Partnership meetings locally and enjoyed a meeting in Netley-  looking at what other rail partnerships are doing across the network

Haslemere Society AGM. Provided councillor update to their members. See Haslemere Society events page here

Remembrance Sunday service

Presentation by Tony Steer, Bolney Parish Council who shared innovative ideas of communities helping themselves. Read article for more information: ‘Inspirational’ Bolney volunteers rewarded

Passenger information event at Haslemere station organised by Haslemere Community Rail Partnership (add link for car share and map thing)

SCC Sustainable Travel Team ran Personalised Travel Planning training to passengers

SCC Sustainable Travel Team ran Personalised Travel Planning training to passengers

Gave county support in meetings with Post Office for possible location at Haslewey

Attended meetings with the Orchard Club to discuss the re-location from Haslewey as SCC has responsibility for care of the vulnerable elderly

Attended Haslemere Community Land Trust meeting

Attended Station House several meetings to discuss relocation of bus stop, new pavement and official opening evening

Attended sports awards evening, celebrating the achievements of the many highly talented athletes and all the coaches and volunteers that give their time and energy to support the many sports clubs in Haslemere.

Haslemere Sports Award Event

Haslemere Sports Award Event 2016

Met with residents of Hollyridge Road and Derby Road to discuss their requests for additional street lighting columns

Waverley Ensemble

Attended an excellent Waverley Ensemble concert at St Christopher’s Church. The Waverley Ensemble is a group of 8 professional string and keyboard players based in and around the Haslemere area. The next concert is on 11th March.

Applications for funding are welcome

Each Surrey County Councillor receives a members’ allocation of £10,600 per year. This year’s must be allocated by the end of February, 2016.  Funding applications must meet the following criteria:

  • projects must benefit the community and be inclusive and accessible to all
  • meet the Council’s agreed policies or priorities
  • one off projects
  • supported by the local County Councillor
Excluded or restricted projects:
  • political organisations
  • delivery of the national curriculum
  • on going revenue costs
  • statutory obligations of other authorities
  • retrospective bids are discouraged

Please contact me if you would be interested in applying for funding for a community project at nikki.barton@surreycc.gov.uk.  The application process has been simplified and is now a straightforward process.  Once an application has been agreed, funding is transferred to the applicant within 2 weeks.

In past years some Haslemere organisations (to name but a few) that have successfully applied for funding include The Citizens’ Advice Bureau, First Haslemere Scouts, Haslemere Hockey Club, Haslewey, Woolmer Hill, Haslemere Library.

CAB laptop bought with contribution from SCC

CAB laptop bought with contribution from SCC

SCC has funded arts & crafts project at Haslemere Library

SCC has funded arts & crafts project at Haslemere Library

SCC has funded Haslewey Brighter Futures course

SCC has funded Haslewey Brighter Futures course