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Public Space Protection Order in respect of Anti-Social Behaviour

Proposals are being developed for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) under the provisions of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to apply within the Godalming Town Council area and within the Borough of Waverley.

The consultation period runs from 1 March until 2 Apriland any feedback would be welcomed to ASBPSPO@waverley.gov.uk . Further information is available on the Council’s web site at https://www.waverley.gov.uk/asbpspo

Reminder: Local Plan Part 2 Consultation

From: “Waverley Borough Council Consultations (do not reply)”
Date: 14 January 2021 at 5:29:05 pm GMT
To: Nikki Barton

Message from Waverley Borough Council Consultations

Waverley Borough Council
Council Offices, The Burys,
Godalming, Surrey

Dear  Sir/ Madam,


Thank you if you have already responded to the above consultation. If you have not, I am writing to remind you that the consultation will be closing at 11.59pm on Friday 29 January 2021.

Where can I view the documents?

The Waverley Borough Council Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocation and Development Management Policies and other supporting documents are available at: www.waverley.gov.uk/LPP2.

Due to the national lockdown we are currently unable to make hard copies of documents available for viewing at the Council Offices or any other locations. However, other suitable arrangements will be made for those who are not able to view the documents electronically. Anyone wishing to make such arrangements, please contact us on 01483 523291 as soon as possible to ensure that we can help you well in advance of the deadline for the consultation

How can I make representations?

If you prefer to write or email, please reference your correspondence with the relevant paragraph or policy number. Please note that representations will be publicly available and cannot be treated as confidential, although address, telephone and email details will not be published.

Please see our privacy notice for further details: www.waverley.gov.uk/PlanningPolicyPN. If you need a hard copy of the privacy notice, please contact us on 01483 523291.

Representations may be accompanied by a request to be notified at a specified address of any of the following:

i) The Local Plan Part 2 has been submitted for independent examination;

ii) The publication of the Inspector’s report; and

iii) The adoption of the Local Plan Part 2.

For more information or assistance on this consultation please contact the Planning Policy Team on 01483 523291 or email planningpolicy@waverley.gov.uk.

Yours faithfully,

Graham Parrott

Planning Policy Manager

Waverley’s Local Plan Part 2 Consultation

News Release Issued by Waverley Borough Council  

Local Plan Part 2 Consultation

Residents, businesses and developers are being invited by Waverley Borough Council to give their views on the draft Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies.

The council adopted part one of the new Local Plan in February 2018. This set the overall strategy for development in the borough for the period up to 2032 and contains key strategic policies, including the number of new homes to be provided and their broad distribution. Local Plan Part 2 will complete this work by setting the policies that direct planning application decisions, and will allocate sites for housing in Haslemere and Witley, where individual Neighbourhood Plans are not doing so. Part 2 of the Plan also allocates sites in the borough for Gypsies and Travellers and will review other land designations.

You can comment on the document by submitting your views between Friday 27 November 2020 and Friday 29 January 2021 (inclusive).

The plan and supporting documents as well as information on how to make a representation, will be available to view on the council’s website at: www.waverley.gov.uk/LPP2.

Hard copies of the documents will be available for viewing at the Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming, GU7 1HR by appointment only, and other suitable arrangements will be made for those who are not able to view the documents electronically and who are either unable or unwilling to travel to Godalming during the current pandemic. Anyone wishing to make such arrangements should contact the council’s Customer Services Team on 01483 523333.

In addition, the consultation will run for a period of nine weeks, rather than the statutory minimum of six, in order to mitigate any impact on the consultation that may be caused by Covid-19. Following the consultation, the plan will be updated and submitted to the Secretary of State for approval and subsequent adoption as council policy.

Councillor Andy Macleod, Portfolio Holder for Planning Policy and Services said: “The draft Local Plan Part 2 is the result of a great deal of hard work by our officers, detailed evidence gathering, public consultation and working with our partners in town and parish councils across the borough.

“We want Waverley to continue to be one of the best places in the UK, where people of all ages want to live, work and visit.

“The pre-submission consultation, starting on Friday 20 November, asks all interested parties what they think about our proposals for a new suite of development management policies and site allocations, as set out within Local Plan Part 2.

“We want to make sure this plan is right for our communities. The council is very interested in hearing your views and I would encourage everyone to take the time to get involved.”

For further information contact:
Tel: 01483  523296
Web : www.waverley.gov.uk
Email: communications@waverley.gov.uk

Coronavirus business grants

Dear Councillors and Clerks,

You will be aware from the press release that was issued last night, that our application process for the Local Restrictions Support Grant is now live.

I have promoted this on social media and placed a news story on our website – please feel free to share the links below with your local networks.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WaverleyBC/status/1326465309201608705

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WaverleyBC/photos/a.555104671248028/3776078022483994

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:share:6732230994432196608

Web: https://www.waverley.gov.uk/news/article/669/applications_open_for_local_restrictions_support_grants

We are also working to identify which types of businesses will be prioritised for the Additional Restrictions Grant and hope to have an application process in place within the next two weeks. In order to be notified as soon as the application process goes live, we are encouraging business owners to subscribe to our business e-newsletter via our business support website: https://www.businesswaverley.co.uk/en-GB.

Kind regards,

Communications and Engagement Officer

Waverley Borough Council

Phasing out use of Pesticides

Message from Waverley Borough Council on phasing out pesticides.

Waverley Borough Council will hopefully be adopting a Pesticides Policy and Action Plan shortly that has been drafted as part of the Councils move towards phasing out the use of pesticides.   In order to help deliver the action plan we are looking to start the undertaking of trials of pesticide free products as an alternative to the traditional Glyphosate based products to control weeds within the borough.   As part of this, we have been in discussion with Surrey County Council highways earlier this year about our intention to trial a different product in selected areas to treat weeds on highways.  Highways areas are where the largest volumes of pesticide based chemicals have been previously applied in the borough.  SCC have been in agreement with our intentions and we will be sharing this same information with them shortly for comment before starting.

In consultation with Cllr Townsend as our portfolio holder we have selected for four ward areas;

Cranleigh West, Godalming & Charterhouse, Haslemere Critchmere & Shottermill and Farnham Hale & Heath End, where we will undertake these initial trials on SCC highway areas.  Within these identified ward areas, we have selected roads and a few footways where we will conduct the trial (identified by a red dotted line on the maps), please also see the attached excel file for more specific details of the identified trial areas.   The relevant ward members have been notified.

The product we will be using is called New Way which contains Acetic acid as the active ingredient.  There is a potential for a strong Vinegar odour following application that may linger for a period of time but eventually dissipate.

In regards to weed control on SCC highways in the rest of the ward areas and indeed the Borough as a whole, we are only undertaking one normal (pesticide based) weed spray throughout the borough, instead of the previous two sprays in preceding years, again this is too support the action plan of the forthcoming Pesticides Policy by reducing the usage of pesticide products.

We will be arranging for some communications about this with residents, so that they are aware of what is happening.

If you have any questions or queries relating to this, please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible.   We are hoping to next week, weather depending and complete the trial by the end of the month if possible.

Kind Regards

Greenspaces Manager

Waverley Borough Council

COVID 19 Testing at Haslemere Leisure Centre car park – 3 & 4 June

Dear councillors and town and parish clerks,

Please be aware that a mobile coronavirus testing facility is being established in the Haslemere Leisure Centre car park on Wednesday 3 June and Thursday 4 June.

Permission to use the car park has been given by the council, in support of the government’s COVID19 testing programme.

Testing via the programme is available to all those with COVID 19 symptoms, but must be pre-booked online via one of the following websites:

·        Residents should book on the national testing portal: www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-getting-tested.

·        Key workers should book on the Surrey Testing Hub: https://surrey.trustwide.live/swabbing/

Those who attend without an appointment will not be able to be tested and will be asked to book online and return on another occasion. Children can be tested however those under the age of five must have two parents or guardians with them.

Those without transport can walk into the testing centre, but the same rules apply on having a pre-booked appointment.

The above information will be available on the council’s website and also shared via our social media channels.

Kind regards,

Communications and Engagement Officer

Waverley Borough Council

Tel: 01483 523130


Waverley ‘Executive Listening Panel’ to hear public views on oil drilling

Waverley Borough Council’s Executive is seeking views from the public and other stakeholders to help shape its response to Surrey County Council’s consultation on proposed oil and gas exploration near Dunsfold.

UK Oil and Gas Ltd submitted an application in May this year for permission to drill an exploratory well on land near Dunsfold. Surrey County Council is the determining authority and Waverley Borough Council is being consulted as the Local Planning Authority.

Waverley’s Executive is inviting individuals and organisations to make representations in person, before a panel of four Councillors at a special evening session between 6 – 9pm on Tuesday 23 July at the council’s offices in Godalming.

Speakers will be allowed four minutes each to make a statement and Listening Panel members may ask questions to clarify any of the issues raised. The Listening Panel will be held in public and will be webcast live.

Those who wish to make representations are asked to email listening@waverley.gov.uk by 9am on Monday 15 July, stating their name and address, any relevant background information (eg profession or qualifications), whether they are acting as an individual or on behalf of an organisation and a summary of the key points of their representation. Depending on the number of responses, it may be necessary to limit the number of speakers on a particular issue.

Waverley Borough Council Leader, Councillor John Ward said: “When we announced the council’s new Executive, we said we wanted to do things differently, to be open and transparent and most importantly, to listen to our residents.

“We understand that this is an extremely sensitive issue for the local community. We want to include the views of our residents and the potential impacts on local communities in our response to Surrey, alongside the more technical considerations and our assessment of the environmental impacts.

“This is a new approach and essentially we will be piloting the format, as well as using the results from it to help shape our consultation response. I would urge local people, community groups or other organisations to get in touch and come along on 23 July to share their views with us.”

For further information contact:
Tel: 01483  523296
Web : www.waverley.gov.uk
Email: communications@waverley.gov.uk

The Waverley Borough Council Local Plan Part 1

The Waverley Borough Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, on 21 December 2016 for independent examination.

The scheduled Examination Hearings took place between 27 June and 6 July 2017. Following the Hearings, the Council prepared some Main Modifications to the Plan for public consultation. These were consulted on from 8 September to 20 October 2017 and the responses are available to view.

Upon reviewing the Main Modifications and the consultation responses, the Examination Inspector then issued some further questions to which the Council responded on 29 November 2017.

See The New Local Plan Documents page on Waverley’s website for all current information,

Waverley Housing Need Target Overstated by 29% or 2,500 Houses

NEWS RELEASE 12 October 2017 from the Surrey branch of CPRE:

A new report commissioned by the Surrey Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) shows that the housing target of 590 houses per annum, 11,210 homes over the life of the emerging Local Plan to 2032, which is expected to be imposed on Waverley Borough Council as a result of the recent Planning Inspector’s Examination-in-Public, is overstated by at least 29%, equivalent to a total of 2,500 houses.

The conclusions of the McDonald Report, based on a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the relevant factors, are that the principal reasons for this significant over-statement are:

1. The assessment of Woking’s unmet need, half of which the Inspector wishes to impose on Waverley, is unsound, being based on a mixture of out of date information and uncertain assumptions. The Report notes that the assessment is derived from an untested estimate of the Woking Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) put forward in representations to the Inspector made on behalf of developers. Reassessment of Woking’s housing need, in the context of the West Surrey Housing Market Area, of which Woking, Guildford and Waverley are all part, is now due. In the meantime, there is no reliable basis to reach any conclusion on the quantum of Woking’s unmet need nor to impose any of it on Waverley. The report recommends that 83 houses per annum – 1,577 homes in all – should be deducted from the Inspector’s housing target for Waverley.

2. The Inspector’s 25% uplift over Waverley’s agreed demographic housing requirement of 396 homes per annum (to improve affordability for market housing) is arbitrary, unsound and severe, says the report. It adds 99 homes per annum – a total of 1881 homes – to Waverley’s housing target. The report concludes that an evidence-based affordability adjustment would not be more than be 13%, which would add 50 homes per annum, or 950 homes during the Plan period. This would further reduce by 931 homes the Inspector’s assessment of Waverley’s housing requirement.

These two important adjustments would reduce the Inspector’s housing requirement for Waverley by 2,508 homes to a total of 8,702 over the Plan period, removing the 29% over-statement.

Anthony Isaacs, Chairman of CPRE Surrey’s local Waverley committee, said: “The impact of these changes would be of fundamental importance during the life of the Plan period. They would contribute to Waverley’s new Plan being declared ‘sound’ and would help to ensure that throughout the Plan period the Borough would be able to control development under its own sound plan rather than one under threat of excessive housing numbers rendering the plan out of date for lack of a 5-year housing supply.”

These findings are being presented to the Waverley Consultation on the Local Plan changes, which expires on 20 October, and also to the Planning Inspectorate and the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government.

Mr Isaacs continued: “In addition to the McDonald Report findings CPRE’s understanding of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is that Waverley’s housing numbers, when arrived at, must be considered in the light of the Green Belt and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) constraints. The Green Belt comprises 62% of the land in the Borough, and the AONB (including some Green Belt) and Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV) together comprise 77% of the land. As the emerging Local Plan has already allocated areas of Green Belt and AONB to meet housing needs, which we believe is in itself wrong, the higher targets coming from the Inspector will only lead to further erosion of those statutorily protected areas”. -ENDS

Press contacts: Colin Hall, CPRE Waverley, Tel: 01252 793422; Andy Smith, Director – CPRE Surrey, Tel: 07737 271676.

A Guide to Recycling in Haslemere

The Haslemere dustcart service for general waste at Wey Hill car park ended last month.

SCC is mandated to reduce spending across the board due to central government funding cuts. Currently the waste management team is facing £1.8 million cuts.

Ending the Haslemere service will save Surrey taxpayers up to £60,000 a year, money that can be used to support essential services like schools, social care and roads. It will also boost recycling as 78 per cent of waste taken to the dustcart could be recycled through existing services but instead it was ending up in landfill.

Since the dustcart was introduced, there have been improvements to household recycling collections, bring banks and local recycling centres. This has meant use of the dustcart has dropped by 42 per cent in the last four years.

Due to the improvements, 45 per cent of waste collected from Waverley homes is now recycled, as well as 65 per cent of waste taken to Surrey’s recycling centres.

Recycling Services continuing at Wey Hill car park

  • The garden waste cart run by Waverley Borough Council (WBC) will still be available on Saturdays from 8am.
  • The recycling banks take cans, aerosols, cardboard, cartons, small electrical items, foil, paper, plastic bottles, shoes and textiles.

Alternative ways to recycle and dispose of waste

    • Blue Bin Roadside Collection. Your blue bin is key to help reducing landfill and creating a more sustainable Waverley. Cardboard, paper (white & coloured), shredded paper (inside a box or envelope), glass bottles/jars, tins, cans, aerosols, Tetrapaks, foil, food waste and plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays and bottle tops are all collected from your home by WBC. Waverley Borough Council collects mixed recyclable items from your blue recycling bin every two weeks. WBC will provide an additional roadside blue bin free of charge. Telephone: 01483 523524 Visit: http://www.waverley.gov.uk/envenquiryform
    • The nearest Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) to Haslemere are in Witley, Farnham and Cranleigh.
  • Garden Waste can also be taken to CRCs or you can sign up to WBC’s collection. You can also buy a discounted compost bin.
  • Green Food Waste Caddy. For more information please see Waverley Borough Council’s food waste collections page. WBC collects food waste from the green caddy once a week. Check your bin collection day online.
Here is a Recycling A-Z from Waverley’s website: http://www.waverley.gov.uk/directory/15/recycling_a-z


This Dust Cart Recycle Alternatives Summary offers a guide where Haslemere residents can recycle.

Other Recycling Initiatives in Haslemere

Please remember that the junk shop (formerly Basix) on Wey Hill will take in many household goods. Also, Cooper Brothers of Hindhead will accept single items cleared to complete house clearance. http://www.cooperbrothershindhead.co.uk/

Freecycle Haslemere has a page http://www.freelywheely.com/haslemere/freecycle

Charity Shops: Haslemere has a range of charity shops that will take in good quality items for sale.

Transition Haslemere will re-sell second hand books. Also, as part of Surrey County Council’s waste reduction programme, they collect unwanted textiles for recycling at their stall in the Farmers Market in Haslemere (first Sunday of the month). Unlike most other textile recyling collections they will even take items that are ‘worn or torn’, so they don’t have to be of wearable quality. Just bring your unwanted textile items along to their stall on the day and we’ll make sure they are put to good use.

The Midhurst Community Website offers Haslemere residents a free listing to sell unwanted items. See here.

The Surrey Reuse Network (SRN)

Please also consider the Surrey Re-Use Network (SRN) http://www.surreyreusenetwork.org.uk/donate

SRN is a charity and social enterprise that represents and supports community based furniture and appliance reuse & recycling organisations in Surrey. It works to encourage collaborative working between SRN members, other charities, social enterprises, local authorities and commercial businesses.

The main aim being to develop and deliver co-ordinated, efficient, high quality and financially sustainable reuse, recycling, repair, employment, volunteering and training services; that have a positive impact on local communities and the environment.