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Independent Street Stalls in Haslemere Today

I could not have chosen a more blustery day to have pop up campaign street stalls but, it was great to have so many positive conversations.

The elections are being held on 2nd May 2019. Please vote for Nikki Barton, a voice for Haslemere.

Some pictures from Wey Hill this morning:

And, in the High Street this afternoon. The wind really got up so the table was abandoned but, the conversation was good with a positive response for an Independent candidate for Haslemere.

Claire Matthes came and said hello.
She is a Green Party candidate for Shottermill for Haslemere Town Council

Surrey Residents are dissatisfied with road maintenance

This is a shocking stat (i):

When I was Haslemere’s Surrey County Councillor (2013-2017), I did not only fall back on the online reporting system and wait for potholes to be repaired. Rather, I worked with the highways team to negotiate funds for proper road repairs especially where the potholes were potholes on potholes. I also did regular cycle tours of the town to report potholes.

Here are a few examples of how my intervention helped directly with road repairs:

Funding from Waverley Local Area Committee was found to repair the following roads (ii)

• Sturt Road – £22,900 (including drainage repairs under the railway bridge)

• Lower Street at the junction with Sandrock – £23,367

• Kings Road near the entrance to The Herons leisure centre – £19,730; and

• High Lane – £14,217.

I arranged a full repair of a potholed section of College Hill (iii)

I arranged a full repair of the road outside St Bartholomew’s School. This road was unadopted but I felt it was important to repair the road – it was in a state of poor repair and it fronted a local authority school. I had discovered that the then Leader of the Surrey County Council had enabled a road repair in his constituency outside a state school and I used this as a precedent in my negotiation.

Following extensive discussions with SCC highways Wey Hill was fully resurfaced.  It was surprising to discover that Wey Hill was not included in the major Project Horizon road repair program. I worked with the Surrey County Council Highways team who agreed that the extremely poor condition of the road warranted a full repair. (iv)

If elected again, I will continue to do road surveys with SCC Highways and I will do my best to be innovative about getting potholes repairs.

Haslemere Town Council Candidate Profiles

The Haslemere Herald this week has a summary of all the candidates for the Haslemere Town Council election on 2nd May.

As well as standing as an Independent candidate for the Surrey County Council (Haslemere ward ) by-election, I am also standing for re-election as an Independent councillor for the Haslemere South ward of Haslemere Town Council.

Here is my statement printed in this week’s Haslemere Herald with my campaign photo.

Nikki Barton Campaign Image 2019

Nikki Barton  – Independent

Nikki Barton has been an Independent councillor for Haslemere South for the last two years and will be standing again in May. She lives in the ward with her husband and three teenage daughters.

As well as leading a successful campaign to stop parking meters in the town, Nikki is a founder member of the Haslemere South Residents’ Association. She has also brought together many community organisations in her role as Chair of the Haslemere Community Rail Partnership. Nikki will fight inappropriate development of our precious countryside. She advocates sustainable transport.

As a councillor and community volunteer, Nikki has consistently delivered results for the town without the constraints of party politics. 

She will continue to put Haslemere first.

Read about Nikki’s campaign updates and activities here:
Web: www.haslemerefirst.com
Twitter: @votenikkibarton
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HaslemereFirst
Message Nikki on nikki@haslemerefirst.com

Response to Haslemere South Residents’ Association

I noticed this tweet from the Haslemere South Residents’ Association.

This week, HSRA will present quotes from prospective town councillors – their opinions on developing DS15 and the ‘wider site’ of AONB land. To clarify, HSRA is not a political group and has no affiliation with any political party. We just want to know who will protect this land!— Haslemere South (@HaslemereSouth) April 8, 2019

This is my response as prospective town councillor for Haslemere Town Council, as requested:

– first & foremost, I support protecting AONB etc.

– if elected, I will challenge why AONB/AGLV considerations are inconsistent in different planning applications that come before Haslemere Town Council’s planning committee.

– I was unhappy that Waverley Borough Council asked HSRA to remove HSRA’s Protect The Countryside signs on private land and I contacted the council directly to question this action on behalf of residents

– I believe that brownbelt should be sought for development before AONB etc. Clicking on my LPP2 responses below further develops this theme.

– In my response to Waverley Borough Council’s LPP2, I submitted a response objecting to the inclusion of DS15 in the Local Plan. My comment is available to read here. Independent Town Council candidate, Kirsten Ellis, also objected. Her comments are here. Conservative Town Council candidate, Gareth David, also objected. His comments are here. None of the other Haslemere South candidates responded.

– I support CPRE’s challenge re. Waverley taking on Woking’s housing numbers

-In the press, I am cited on the subject of Red Court. I have
questioned why the boundaries had to be changed (Herald, July 2018), and raised concerns about the town’s water supplies in Haslemere South (Herald, Nov 2018)

Leaflet Deliveries Began This Week In Haslemere

A very big thank you to all the volunteers who have been out helping to deliver leaflets this week.

Here is a scanned copy of my leaflet

Front page of campaign leaflet
Inside pages of campaign leaflet
Back page of campaign leaflet

The back page of my leaflet is a copy of my letter here published in the Haslemere Herald.

If you could deliver leaflets in the road where you live, please take a look at my campaign page here.

Latest Arrival a “Lifesaver” for Town

In the current edition of The Haslemere Herald, the paper published an article about a new public access defibrillator that has been installed on the station forecourt.

Nikki Barton is cited in the article:

“We are very grateful to the Shottermill Great War Memorial Trust, Haslemere First Responders, the Association of Community Rail Partners and South Western Railway for their contributions to this life saving equipment.”

Here is a link to the article online: Latest arrival a ‘lifesaver’ for town.