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HSRA Easter Egg Hunt Tomorrow

The Haslemere South Residents’ Association is organising an Easter Egg Hunt at the Haslemere War Memorial Recreation Ground tomorrow at 3pm. Below is the announcement on HSRA’s Twitter feed.

Another reminder – all welcome, no cost. Bring a drink and something to nibble. pic.twitter.com/Jy9IUCivQb— Haslemere South (@HaslemereSouth) April 17, 2019

Response to Haslemere South Residents’ Association

I noticed this tweet from the Haslemere South Residents’ Association.

This week, HSRA will present quotes from prospective town councillors – their opinions on developing DS15 and the ‘wider site’ of AONB land. To clarify, HSRA is not a political group and has no affiliation with any political party. We just want to know who will protect this land!— Haslemere South (@HaslemereSouth) April 8, 2019

This is my response as prospective town councillor for Haslemere Town Council, as requested:

– first & foremost, I support protecting AONB etc.

– if elected, I will challenge why AONB/AGLV considerations are inconsistent in different planning applications that come before Haslemere Town Council’s planning committee.

– I was unhappy that Waverley Borough Council asked HSRA to remove HSRA’s Protect The Countryside signs on private land and I contacted the council directly to question this action on behalf of residents

– I believe that brownbelt should be sought for development before AONB etc. Clicking on my LPP2 responses below further develops this theme.

– In my response to Waverley Borough Council’s LPP2, I submitted a response objecting to the inclusion of DS15 in the Local Plan. My comment is available to read here. Independent Town Council candidate, Kirsten Ellis, also objected. Her comments are here. Conservative Town Council candidate, Gareth David, also objected. His comments are here. None of the other Haslemere South candidates responded.

– I support CPRE’s challenge re. Waverley taking on Woking’s housing numbers

-In the press, I am cited on the subject of Red Court. I have
questioned why the boundaries had to be changed (Herald, July 2018), and raised concerns about the town’s water supplies in Haslemere South (Herald, Nov 2018)