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Update on College Hill Debris

From: <highways@surreycc.info>
Date: 12 July 2019 at 10:46:29 am CEST
To: <nikki.barton@haslemeretc.org>
Subject: Surrey Highways Reference: ME-687134 – COLLEGE HILL, HASLEMERE

Dear Nikki,

Thank you for your enquiry reported on 12 Jul 2019 09:20 which has been logged as follows:

Reference number: ME-687134
Details: Carriageway Defect – Loose material (a copy of the original enquiry can be found at the very bottom of this email)

Just to confirm I have spoken to Waverley Borough Council’s Environmental Services Team to request that they send out a road sweeper to deal with the loose material deposits on College Hill, Haslemere, as per photographs attached.

For your easy reference they can be contacted on 01483 523333 or email enquiries@waverley.gov.uk

Once again thank you for contacting us. If you have any further queries or require additional information you may find the following page on our website useful: www.surreycc.gov.uk/highwaysinfo

Kind regards

Helen Boyes
Customer Services Officer
Surrey Highways

Notification of Pavement Reconstruction, Beech Road, Haslemere

To: Nikki Barton <Nikki.Barton@surreycc.gov.uk>
Subject: Pavement reconstruction – Beech Road, Haslemere – Traffic delays possible

Dear Cllr Barton,

This is to advise you that we will be carrying out pavement reconstruction on Beech Road, Haslemere from 17 June (8am to 4:30pm) for approximately 5 weeks.

The road will remain open with traffic being managed by temporary lights and the pavement will be closed in sections whilst we carry out our works.

Leaflets and signs will be delivered over the next few days to advise residents and businesses of the upcoming works.

Sometimes our plans have to change, often due to bad weather or problems on other works in the same programme which can have a knock on effect. If anything changes with the details of these works, we will let you know.

You and your residents can also find up to date details of the works on www.surreycc.gov.uk/roadworks.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0300 200 1003 or email works.communication@surreycc.gov.uk.

Drew Buerger

Works Communication Team
Local Highway Services
Surrey Highways
Email: works.communication@surreycc.gov.uk

Roadworks Next Week in Lower Street, Haslemere

Reminder. Road works are due to start tomorrow in Lower Street, #Haslemere. Expect delays. For more roadworks info: https://t.co/0HrsxlX4R8 #SurreyHighways via @WaverleyLC— Nikki Barton – Independent (@VoteNikkiBarton) April 14, 2019


Localism Funding: Funds for Highways/Pavements in Haslemere

This is a call out to any constituent in my ward (Haslemere South) to send me details of any specific issues affecting highways/pavements such as cutting back vegetation, cleaning road signs, removing posts in verges, decluttering of signs and the like (BUT not gully cleaning or anything relating to tarmac).

A photo/map showing specifics would be very helpful, by June 15th. Please send to me and/or the town clerk:



Haslemere Town Council has a £6,500 pot of Localism funding to be spent by the end of March 2019 for this type of work.

Thank you!

Tesco Traffic lights, Haslemere

I’ve had several emails about problems with phasing of traffic lights by Tesco’s. The current problems with the timings of the TESCO traffic lights are due to 2 faults:

  1. A detector fault, Surrey County Council is waiting for contractors to investigate today or tomorrow. This may explain the signals “favouring” the side roads.
  1. The MOVA unit at the lights is not working. A new unit has been ordered and may take 2 weeks to be installed.  The MOVA unit varies the green time according to traffic flow.  It does not really have set timings as such apart from the inter-green times (safety time period between conflicting greens) and the Green Man times.  MOVA monitors traffic and pedestrian demand on each approach and apportions the green time around the junction to allow traffic and pedestrians to pass through the junction as efficiently as possible.  It detects gaps in the approaching traffic and will trigger the signals to change just as the last vehicle crosses the Stop Line.  However, if any of the detectors are faulty the signals will keep giving priority to the affected approach.

UPDATE on 6th April 2017 regarding repair:

Repairs have been carried out on the faulty TESCO lights- The MOVA unit was installed last week and Surrey County Council (SCC) attended yesterday (5th April)  and uploaded the dataset, enabling MOVA.  The faulty detector was repaired on Friday (31at March).

It does seem to be running pretty well so far, but I’d be grateful for any resident feedback following the repairs for me to pass on to SCC highways. 

Some Haslemere Highways updates

Here are some Highways/Parking updates for Haslemere –

Lower Street: The current proposed start date for road repairs in Lower Street is 20th January 2017 and the work will be completed at night for 1 day.  However, with the current weather, the repair date could change.

NB Lower Street

Kings Road:  Resurfacing is scheduled for 25th January 2017.  Sometimes plans have to change, often due to bad weather or problems on other works in the same programme which can have a knock on effect. If anything changes with the details of these works, we will let you know. This leaflet has been distributed to residents and local businesses and contains more information.

NB Kings Road

Sturt Road: Works are scheduled to complete by the end of January. I will have an exact date by Monday afternoon when I meet with the Surrey County Council highways team.

Residents can also find up to date details of the works on www.surreycc.gov.uk/roadworks

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the council on 0300 200 1003.

Double yellow lines in the vicinity of St Bartholomew’s church: I have met the church and residents about this with Surrey County Council’s parking team. As a result of this, it has been agreed that a parking restriction scheme will be put in place here with yellow lining. It will be implemented this year. I have contacted the parking team to get an installation date.

Extended Double Yellows Hill Road/Midhurst Road: Extended double yellow have been agreed at the junction of Hill Road/Midhurst Road to improve sightlines. I await a date from the parking team.

Shepherds Hill – Thursday Update

Yesterday, I updated residents via my Facebook page saying I was working on new signage for HGV diversions away from residential roads. I also shared the update that Technics Group, a Surrey ground radar specialist, would be on site for the survey tomorrow.

This morning, I met with the contractors on site. Here is a positive update relating to the repair of Shepherds Hill:

The ground penetrating radar investigation was carried out this morning.

GroundRadar2The void is estimated to be 6 cubic metres. This means SCC has a full picture of the extent of the void and will go ahead and repair the hole. A foam cement filler for the hole is planned for tomorrow, Friday 25th February. Please note, foam cement takes 24 hours to harden. I have requested that SCC highways re-tarmac over the weekend as a matter of urgency in order to get Shepherds Hill open.

ground radar1New additional HGV diversion signage was installed at key junctions this morning.

HGVDiversionOnce again, thank you to residents for both your patience and feedback during this process.

Best regards Nikki

Update 2nd March – Shepherds Hill has re-opened

Shepherds Hill Update

Here is an update for you on the Shepherds Hill road closure in Haslemere. Please also look at my Facebook page where I have been posting interim updates here and via my twitter feed here.

Thank you to everybody who has emailed me regarding the Shepherds Hill closure. I can only say that I share your collective frustration that Shepherds Hill is still closed and we still await a full diagnosis of the extent of the void.

Sink Hole

I have been in constant contact with SCC and Thames Water for updates and progress reports since the hole was discovered.  Initially, it was presumed responsibility for the sink hole lay with Thames Water. From a surface view the hole looked like a wash out hole linked to the loss of soil/substrate by water. The weekend work that Thames Water promised failed to materialise, apparently the team was diverted to a pollution issue that took precedence. Eventually Thames Water did come on site, sent CCTV cameras into their sewers and drains and having spotted a couple of leaks, carried out the necessary repairs.

SCC Highways then took over the site, sent CCTV cameras down the hole with the expectation of pouring foam concrete down the hole. However, during last week, it became apparent that the void was more substantial than expected – rather a series of mini caves. Subsequent investigations in the sink hole have revealed remains of brick walls suggesting the basement or foundations of an earlier building – old maps show an old building at this position. There may be a link with the bunker under the grassed area by the zebra crossing.

SCC plan to send a ground radar camera into the sink hole, however, 2 electric cables belonging to SSE have been seen hanging in the void and the SCC team is unable to work without the SSE team onsite. I understand the SSE team did not attend the site as expected at the end of last week or yesterday so the SCC Highways team have had to be called off the site each time. SCC Highways have found that the highway is cracking at some distance from the sink hole mouth.

A key priority is the safety of both the SCC workman carrying out the work and the public. The scale of the void combined with the presence of electricity cables has further complicated the issue and means that the problem will not be resolved as quickly as hoped, or anticipated when the sink hole was first discovered. Unfortunately the utility companies are under no legal obligation to attend the site if other higher priority issues arise.  I hope this information is helpful. I am speaking with the highways team every day for updates and will of course continue to let you know when I have more news.

Best regards Nikki

Haslemere County Councillor Update from the past 2 months

A belated Happy New Year to readers of my blog. Here is an update of some of my county councillor activities from the past couple of months.

Attended the following Surrey County Council meetings

Other work related to Haslemere

Station Travel Plan (STP). Secured funding for a STP. This is in partnership with Haslemere Vision. The first stage of background research has been completed. Happening now and for the next few days, there will be a travel survey and Haslemere Vision is looking for volunteers. Please click here to see how you could help Haslemere Vision for one or two hours.

Haslemere train station forecourt and additional deck car park. I met with representatives from South West Trains/Network Rail/Surrey County Council to finalise plans before key stakeholder consultation.

Highways schemes. Gateway schemes underway and some of you may have seen SCC notices in town. Work is going to start in the next two weeks. Shepherds Hill railings and Midhurst Road scheme still to be snagged/finished- lighting/electricity supply problems.

Shepherds Hill Road Safety worksRoad markings to improve pedestrian safety outside Grayswood School have been installed. Funded this highways scheme outside Grayswood Primary school to improve the safety of children, parents and staff walking to school.

The 30mph speed limit, Grayswood Road, town end. The 30mph limit on the approach to Haslemere High Street has been extended towards Grayswood. New signage has been installed.


Fosters Bridge: Arranged replacement of missing railing under the bridge.

Wey Hill crossing: Plans finalised for pedestrian crossing opposite Shahanaz. Installation date TBC.

Youth service: SCC paid provision has been re-allocated to Farnham following SCC Youth Services Needs Assessment agreed in Sept 2015. I raised my concerns for Haslemere. Success in lobbying for additional youth work resources at the Wey Centre – external funding has been secured to provide a paid member of staff to work one day per week to support young people. The CCard Scheme, 1-2-1 and ‘Early Help’ support for young people will continue to be provided in Haslemere through the SCC Community Youth Work Service.

Haslemere Station Community Partnership, town promotion: Attended start up meeting – using members’ allocation to fund start up with involvement from National Trust, South Downs National Park Authority, Haslemere Visitor Info Centre, Haslemere Museum, SWT, HTC, SCC, Haslemere Events.  Vacant shop at station to be used as pop up to promote community events and visitor information.

Sandrock lighting. Pedestrian lighting should be installed in the next few weeks.

College Hill right of way: SCC has now submitted a map modification order for the right of way access for the pathway leading from the Petworth Road to College Hill. The process will be delayed as the developer who installed the railings and blocked the access has lodged an appeal. This is now going to be a lengthy process. More here and Haslemere Herald article here.

Press release from the SCC Independents’ Group of Councillors regarding the Central Government’s decision to cut the Rate Support Grant. Read our statement in full here. The Residents’ Association and Independent Group is the largest opposition group within Surrey County Council. It currently has nine members, representing divisions from across Surrey. The group leader is Cllr Nick Harrison and it has members represented on all the committees of the council.

IMPORTANT. Bus Consultation affecting Haslemere. Consultation closes March 16th. Here is a link: www.surreycc.gov.uk/transportreview and a summary of routes affected.

Spend of my annual Members’ Allocation

  • Haslemere Basketball Club. There will be a full press release for my next councillor update but here is an early indication of how the funds will be spent via an email sent to me by the club:

    “We are so grateful for the grant money provided by Surrey County Council via councillor Nikki Barton. We have already bought two match balls as per our funding application, which have been used in a recent match (see photo below). We’re looking into the best deals for the rest of the equipment and kit we require, and hope to have completed purchases and orders by the end of January.”

Members of Haslemere Basketball Club

Members of Haslemere Basketball Club

  • Haslemere Hockey Club’s schools program. Please read (click on thumbnail) Schools Programme 1 and (click on thumbnail)

Schools Programme 2to learn how the Hockey Club has spent the funds for youth coaching.

  • Table Tennis Club lighting. Funded new high-luxe level lights so that the table tennis players can use the Woolmer Hill gym for club nights.
  • Haslemere Events will take on the lease of the train station shop for community event promotion. I have given some of my members’ allocation to fund legal costs.

PLEASE NOTE there is still time to apply for funding for your local organization. Here are my contact details.

Other Items

Lion Green Post Office campaign. Please note the Facebook campaign page to try to keep the Post Office following M&S’ acquisition of the Co-operative site in Lion Lane.

Stepping Stones. High Court Appeal won. More here in the Haslemere Herald.

Haslemere Hub. The HaslemereHub meets at the Georgian Hotel & Spa every Tuesday (from 2nd February) from 9am for coffee with workshops for all local independent businesses. The purpose is to collaborate, share and grow! Your first visit is FREE!. Here is their Facebook page.

Are you a business owner in Hindhead or Beacon Hill? Meet the Mayor – Hindhead and Beacon Hill businesses

Waverley Ensemble. March 5 was due to be the first Waverley Ensemble Concert of 2016, but the concert has been moved to Saturday April 16 at St Christopher’s Church Haslemere at 7.30pm. Program: Arias sung by Amanda O’Brien and Telemann Flute, Violin and Cello Concerto with Susan Milan and Andrew Taylor. For more information please go to: www.ishanibhoola.com.

South Downs National Park Authority volunteering map. South Downs NPA website has a volunteering opportunities map – which enables organisations with volunteer opportunities to promote these opportunities to a wider audience. Link here to their website and map. www.southdowns.gov.uk/volunteering-map