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Surrey Residents are dissatisfied with road maintenance

This is a shocking stat (i):

When I was Haslemere’s Surrey County Councillor (2013-2017), I did not only fall back on the online reporting system and wait for potholes to be repaired. Rather, I worked with the highways team to negotiate funds for proper road repairs especially where the potholes were potholes on potholes. I also did regular cycle tours of the town to report potholes.

Here are a few examples of how my intervention helped directly with road repairs:

Funding from Waverley Local Area Committee was found to repair the following roads (ii)

• Sturt Road – £22,900 (including drainage repairs under the railway bridge)

• Lower Street at the junction with Sandrock – £23,367

• Kings Road near the entrance to The Herons leisure centre – £19,730; and

• High Lane – £14,217.

I arranged a full repair of a potholed section of College Hill (iii)

I arranged a full repair of the road outside St Bartholomew’s School. This road was unadopted but I felt it was important to repair the road – it was in a state of poor repair and it fronted a local authority school. I had discovered that the then Leader of the Surrey County Council had enabled a road repair in his constituency outside a state school and I used this as a precedent in my negotiation.

Following extensive discussions with SCC highways Wey Hill was fully resurfaced.  It was surprising to discover that Wey Hill was not included in the major Project Horizon road repair program. I worked with the Surrey County Council Highways team who agreed that the extremely poor condition of the road warranted a full repair. (iv)

If elected again, I will continue to do road surveys with SCC Highways and I will do my best to be innovative about getting potholes repairs.

Surrey Pothole update from @SurreyCouncil

Yesterday evening, I shared this tweet from Eber Kington an Independent Surrey County Councillor:

This morning, Haslemere Town Councillors received this pothole update from Colin Kemp, Cabinet Member for Highways at Surrey County Council. I thought it would be helpful to share, with a reminder of how to report potholes:

From: Colin Kemp CLR <colin.kemp@surreycc.gov.uk>
Sent: 31 January 2018 22:12:22
To: £Members All Councillors
Subject: short note of pothole situation

Dear all

This time of year normally sees an increase in the reports of defects and potholes on the highway due to the wet and cold weather. This type of weather is anticipated during Winter and resources are put in place to manage any peaks in defect numbers The beginning of this year has seen an unusually high number defects and potholes. The repair gangs have recently been working extra shifts throughout the week and weekend to keep up with the number of defects being reported and we have now added some additional gangs to provide some further resilience in the short term.  We also have a jet patching machine out and about which carries out a rapid repair treatment.  This type of repair will be mainly used on targeting potholes on some of our residential roads.

Although your local highways teams do their best to monitor their areas and spot any defects, there is over 3000 miles of road in Surrey so they/we need your help. If you see a pothole on the network then please use the Report it function on the SCC website.  From here you can also see if someone has already reported a defect by zooming in on the map when trying to ‘locate the problem’.

Thank you in advance for your help and patience.

Colin Kemp

Cabinet Member for Highways

Surrey County Councillor Horsell West & Goldsworth East

Woking Borough Councillor for Horsell

Tel: 07889 289177


Cabinet Senior PA: Isabella Nye-Meredith

Tel 020 8541 7208

Email Isabella.nyemeredith@surreycc.gov.uk

Shepherds Hill Roadworks

The Shepherds Hill roadworks began two nights ago in Haslemere.

Shepherds Hill roadworks

The work needs to take place at night as this is an A-road and is a full re-surfacing. I have been contacted by residents on Twitter, Facebook and by e-mail complaining about the noise. The “siren” noise is due to the vehicles reversing and cannot be disabled for health and safety reasons.

There will be no weekend work.

The Lower Street/Shepherds Hill junction will be done on Monday and Tuesday night.

I hope the inconvenience of the noise will be nothing like as great as the joy of having a pothole free road!