Wey Hill, High Street, Critchmere, Cycling Strategy, Kings Road, Crossrail, Sturt Farm. Fracking, Funding, Shepherds Hill, Derby Road, Lower Street, Stoptober

A summary of items I’ve been dealing with in the past couple of months.

Wey Hill: Confirmation from Mark Borland, SCC Highways, that significant patching of Wey Hill will take place on 11th November, 2013 removing all visible defects and potholes. In May/June 2014, the road will be ‘surface dressed’ providing a protective coating over the patching work delivered in November to deliver an overall new road surface.

Unfortunately the surfacing material cannot be laid when temperatures are low, hence the delay until spring/summer next year to complete the scheme.I have requested that Highways consider using this resurfacing opportunity to improve pedestrian safety in Wey Hill and instate a crossing using the existing build out and drop curb at the top of Wey Hill/St Christopher’s Green.  This is an issue that will be brought to the Haslemere and Western Villages Task Group for discussion.

Shepherds Hill lime tree: Agreed with John Hilder, SCC Highways, to wait for Haslemere Town Council decision on way forward. SCC will contribute to the tree. Haslemere Society has also expressed interest in contributing to a replacement tree.

Critchmere traffic survey: John Hilder, SCC Highways, is to chase up on post Hindhead tunnel opening/impact of traffic calming survey in Critchmere.

High Street railings outside Clayton Fine Jewellery: Railings semi repaired by SCC work gang, but apparently work stopped when May Gurney work gang arrived on site. I have asked Highways for clarification, and for any possible funding, to replace the railings.

National Trust notice board to promote Swan Barn and other activities: permission given by SCC Highways to situate outside Boots in the High Street subject to agreement on design by WBC conservation officers and with the understanding that SCC does not take responsibility for maintenance. Awaiting confirmation from SCC Highways on responsibility for installation.

Rex Cinema plaque, Wey Hill: Permission granted by SCC Highways for installation of memorial stone and the memorial service will take place on September 22nd.

Derby Road, St Bartholomew’s School: Made a request to David Hodge that a solution should be found to make the currently unadopted, potholed section of Derby Road in front of St Bart’s school safe for children, staff and parent access. John Furey, Cabinet member for Transport, was asked to report on all schools across Surrey sited on unadopted roads. There are currently 10.  The initial report suggests resurfacing 85 meters of Derby Road to a standard that would last 10 years at a cost of £17,000. I am waiting for a response to my question on how this repair would be funded.

Two Parks Project: Met with Paul Fishwick, project coordinator to discuss Haslemere as a gateway to the South Downs National Park, including cycle signage, upgrading of sections of the Serpent Trail, the Sunday Midhurst bus service that will start next summer and the potential for improved signage at the station for visitors.  Discussed the possibilities of improving facilities for commuters accessing the station by bicycle on the back of the Two Parks project station upgrade, and ensuring that new signage includes Devils Punch Bowl and wider tourist information. Attended the National Parks sustainable transport stakeholder conference, Sept 12 in Brockenhurst in my role as champion for Haslemere within the South Downs National Park.
Draft Cycling Strategy: Surrey County Council’s draft cycling strategy is now out for public consultation. The strategy has been developed with input from borough and district councilors and sets out SCC’s aims and objectives to increase the numbers of Surrey residents cycling safely whether for travelling to work or school or for leisure and health. It also sets out what is proposed to manage less positive aspects of cycling such as cycle casualties and large numbers of cycling event in some parts of the county.

The consultation runs until 1st November. All the documents are available on the County Council website: www.surreycc.gov.uk/cyclingstrategy.

Comments may also be sent to cyclingstrategy@surreycc.gov.uk

I plan to work with Lesley Harding, SCC ‘Sustainability Group Manager’, to develop a Local Cycle Plan for Haslemere during 2014. Safer cycling and walking access for all ages has been identified as a key issue in the Haslemere Vision public consultation to date. It is very positive that SCC is developing a countywide strategy. Haslemere is well placed to benefit from synergies arising from improving cycle/walking provision for local residents, commuters and tourists.

You may be interested to watch this YouTube video which was sent to all councillors by a Mytchett resident, How the Dutch got their Cycle Paths

Surrey set to lobby for Crossrail 2 and new stations: The county council will argue the case for Crossrail 2 to come into Surrey, as well as for the possibility of new stations at Park Barn and Merrow in Guildford. Article here.

Kings Road exit: no left turn: have requested that signage be reorientated, at present it has twisted round and is not fully visible from the junction.

High Street cobbles: SCC Highways to assess if cobbles need to be re laid to improve pedestrian safety.

Town Hall grass triangle: awaiting response from SCC Highways regarding refurbishment/paving of triangle grass border which is permanently damaged.

Fernhurst Fracking: SCC Highways input to the Waverley Borough response to West Sussex consultation for a scoping opinion: requesting thorough analysis of: potential traffic implications on Haslemere, noise, dust, odour of traffic and operations, impact on drainage and water supplies in the area, impact on landscape and impact on biodiversity in the area.
Sturt Farm development: SCC Highways are not aware at present of this planned application.

I understand the next public consultation by the developer will be 23rd Sept 4-8pm in Hasleway, Lion Green. If there is a formal application, it will be submitted to Waverley Borough Council. List of Waverley Councillors representing Haslemere here.
Outstanding Funded Actions remain from 2012/13 Local Area Committee: Funding allocated for feasibility studies addressing the issues of:

  • Flooding at Fosters railway bridge
  • Traffic management at the Critchmere triangle
  • Traffic management at the Coombers triangle: I have questioned the need for this and feel the funds (approx. £2000) could be better spent elsewhere in Haslemere. As the funds have already been allocated by the LAC it may have to go ahead.

Haslemere and Western Villages Task Group will meet in Oct/Nov, 2013. I will be sending through a provisional list of items for discussion for feedback.

Haslemere Vision: I spoke at a session of Haslemere Vision on Saturday 14th September. This session was a briefing and workshop on what can be in a neighbourhood plan, the process of plan preparation and the planning context behind neighbourhood planning. I’d like to draw your attention to an event relating to Haslemere Vision on Saturday September 28th.  A “visioning” workshop at which the groups will start on the process of developing a shared overarching vision for Haslemere and the Villages in 15 or 20 years time. It will run from 2:00pm till 4:30pm at the Church Hall of Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Derby Road.

Also, please consider taking the time to have your say in Haslemere Vision’s engagement survey.

Next Local Area Committee meeting will be on 20th September 2013 at Cranleigh Village Hall. These are the documents relating to this meeting.

Town Council Update: Presented the above to Haslemere Town Council on 11th September.

In addition…

Lower Street Temporary Traffic Order.The Temporary Traffic Order is required to enable the laying of a new water supply on behalf of Thames Water. The works are anticipated to take place on Sunday 29th September and Sunday 6th October 2013 between the hours of 09:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs within the one month order which commences on the 29th September 2013. View Lower Street – Diversion Diagram.

Stoptober is back and people around the country will take the 28 day challenge to stop smoking during October. Last year over 160,000 people successfully quit smoking for Stoptober, thanks to the wide range of quitting support available. Surrey Stop Smoking Service is supporting the event and will be offering free help and advice to those who want to quit. By stopping for 28 days, people are five times more likely to stay smoke free. Residents who want to give up smoking may visit www.surreycc.gov.uk/stoptober or call 0845 602 3608 to find out more information.