Haslemere and Western Villages Task Group Meets Today

The Haslemere and Western Villages Task Group meets today. The meetings are held in private but I’ll happily share things I’m thinking about that I hope to bring to the meeting. Clearly this is not in priority order. Many items have been discussed with SCC Highways. These topics have been collated through Haslemere Vision feedback. Bear in mind each item has a different price tag and funds are very limited. Some items will not be taken forward. Other items may be added.

  • Gateways on the 4 main approaches to the town: Aimed at enhancing sense of place and influencing driver behaviour/speeds.
  • Feasibility study: Safety improvements at Shepherds Hill j/w Courts Hill Road: Aimed at assisting pedestrian/cycle movement across the A286.
  • Ornate railings at Claytons Jewellers: To match Lower Street/Shepherds Hill.
  • Pedestrian crossing at the museum: Pelican (signal crossing) rather than zebra at this location due to speeds/width.
  • Feasibility study: Pedestrian crossing Shepherds Hill: Crossing at j/w Lower Street.
  • Feasibility study for Haslemere/Weyhill cycle/pedestrian  network: To include looking at off-road link using Network Rail land by Jewsons.
  • De-clutter town centre and Wey Hill parade: Rationalise signs/railings etc.
  • Lighting upgrade Wey Hill parade: Conservation lighting columns to match High Street.
  • Pedestrian crossing Wey Hill at St Christopher’s Green: Probably Zebra as speeds thought to be low.
  • A286 Grayswood Road pedestrian crossing.
  • A286 Grayswood: Refurbish traffic calming by renewing red banding.