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Maria and Nikki campaigning today in the High Street

Maria and Nikki here. We enjoyed campaigning in the High Street this morning with supporters.

We had a mixed range of comments about being independent candidates and standing for the town council.

Ziggy can’t vote. Here’s Ziggy supporting Maria and Nikki with a white rosette.

I’ll be supporting those independents – it’s just not healthy to have all that party politics in a town council.

I like the sound of those two – pity I didn’t register to vote, I will for next time.

I have voted already by post. You both got my vote.

I’m crossing my fingers to hope they do get elected. We need them on the town council.

I’m in Shottermill but I would vote for those independents if I could.

I live in Courts Hill Road and I love the new lighting in Sandrock that I read about in your leaflet. So my wife and I voted for you.

There should not be party politics at local level.

We’ll be out campaigning again tomorrow and we look forward to meeting more voters.

On 8th June

you have TWO VOTES





for the

Haslemere South Ward in the town council election.

#VoteMateo #VoteBarton #VoteIndy

Meet Maria Mateo – your Independent candidate for Haslemere South Ward

Maria Mateo will be standing as an independent candidate for the Haslemere South ward in the upcoming Haslemere Town Council by-election on 8th June.

More about Maria Mateo here …

My name is Maria Mateo and I moved to Haslemere in 2007 with my young family. I have 3 boys. Before I moved to Haslemere, I worked in The City as a solicitor.

I started volunteering for Citizens Advice in Haslemere in 2009. I’ve also been a driver for the Orchard Club and I’ve been involved with the charity, Haslemere First Respondents. I’ve also been involved with a number of the sports clubs through my children – rugby, football, cricket. I was very actively in the campaign against the parking metres in Haslemere.

I think it is important to listen to the residents and express their views in the town council because some residents don’t feel they’re listened to. I think it is also important to report to the residents and be open and transparent about everything that is going on in the town council.

Delivering leaflets today – Haslemere South Ward HTC by-election – 8th June

Message from Maria Mateo and Nikki Barton: We began delivering our Haslemere Town Council campaign leaflets on Saturday and then stopped campaigning due to the Manchester attack.

Today, we resumed campaigning with a team of great volunteers in Haslemere South sharing the work by helping us deliver our campaign leaflets.

Do let us know if you have a few spare hours to help support our campaign. #VoteIndependent

Maria Mateo and Nikki Barton – Your Haslemere South Ward Candidates

In March 2017,  the local press reported that three elected councillors – half way through their term – have resigned from Haslemere Town Council.

This has caused by-elections to fill these councillor vacancies including one by-election in the Haslemere South Ward (2 vacancies) where Maria Mateo and Nikki Barton live.

Mateo and Barton are your Independent candidates for this by-election.

The by-election will be on Thursday 8th June. As you are aware, this is the same day as the general election.  You will have two ballot papers on this day at The Georgian House Hotel polling station.  One will be to vote in the general election for an MP (one ballot paper, one vote).  The other ballot paper will be to vote in the Town Council by-election for two new town councillors (one ballot paper, two votes for two councillors).

On the ballot paper, which will be a green colour, you’ll see our names – MARIA MATEO & NIKKI BARTON – and there will be no party political logo; after all, we feel in a local election, local decisions should simply be about people, not political parties.


Maria Mateo

I care about Haslemere. My family have lived here for over ten years. I am actively involved in our wonderful community. I have worked as a solicitor and local adviser with Citizens Advice and now training as a Waverley Supervisor with this charity.

I’m a volunteer and have given many hours to several community groups (Haslemere First Respondents, Orchard Club, and Haslemere Rugby and Football Clubs). I organised a local school’s walking bus.

As your independent councillor, I will be open and transparent, listening to Haslemere residents and representing your views in the Council Chamber.


Nikki at HillFest

With experience as your County Councillor, I have a proven track record in putting Haslemere first. I moved to Haslemere South with my family a decade ago and have engaged with the local community through: school governorship; Haslemere Hockey Club; Fringe Festival; Haslemere Vision; Chair – Haslemere Community Rail Partnership.

I will continue prioritising community engagement with openness and transparency.  Never afraid to speak up and my record as Haslemere’s first Independent SCC can be seen via the pages of this blog.

With a wealth of experience and understanding of local government, I will champion good traffic management and child/pedestrian safety as a priority.

BBC Surrey interview – What it was like to be a Surrey County Councillor

On Friday, I was interviewed by BBC Surrey, talking about what it was like to be a Surrey County Councillor.

At the end of the interview, I announced that Maria Mateo and I will be standing as Independent Councillors in the Haslemere Town Council by-election on June 8th.

Here is a clip of the interview:

A refreshing breeze of independence

The Haslemere Town Council and Waverley Borough Council independent candidates wrote a letter to The Haslemere Herald this week but the letter was not published. Here it is:

A refreshing breeze of independence

Dear Sir

In an e-mail to members of the Local Government Association (Independent Group) this month, the Vice Chair, Marianne Overton MBE, opens by saying:

“It is clear that there is a refreshing breeze of Independence now flowing in and rooting in our Councils. Our Independent group members of all shades are strong local representatives, well connected with their communities and determined to concentrate on putting residents first.”

The Vice Chair signs off with the words:

“Our members bring a more listening and more inclusive government that looks at the facts, focuses on residents and leads to far better decisions. That I hope is what is on the way!”

Up and down the land there are more than 1,700 independent councillors representing 7.5m people in 39 councils.

On 7th May there is a unique opportunity to elect twelve independent councillors to represent you on Haslemere Town Council and Waverley Borough Council.

If elected, we will be answerable not to a political party but to our constituents and our consciences. We commit to core principles of openness, transparency and accountability.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like more information about our campaign. We are on independents@haslemerefirst.com

Signed by: http://www.haslemerefirst.com/election-imprint/

Letter in the Haslemere Herald from Mark Jasper as independent candidate in Haslemere town council election

Mark Jasper is standing as an independent candidate in the Critchmere ward in the Haslemere town council election on 7th May 2015.

Here is the text of his letter that appeared in the Haslemere Herald this week.

Mark Jasper

Mark Jasper

I have grown increasingly frustrated at the way the views of Haslemere residents have become muffled by the presence of party politics on Haslemere Town Council. 

This reality was perfectly demonstrated at a public meeting regarding the proposed Sturt Farm development.  A large number of residents attended the meeting at Haslemere Hall, many spoke passionately, to raise legitimate concerns about the scale of the development, the impact such a development would have on local infrastructure and the environment.  It was also an opportunity to hear the views of our town councillors, a number of whom ‘wear two hats’ as elected representatives of Waverley Borough council, the planning authority.

What residents witnessed was a heavily choreographed performance befitting the surroundings. The meeting concluded with a series of pre-prepared statements, which amounted to silence from the town council on the biggest single development proposed in Haslemere for a generation.

Haslemere deserves a voice, the voice of its residents.  The town council must listen, genuinely and openly engage with residents and respond to their concerns, free of wider political influences.

The town council is not a place for party politics.  It must support residents, business, community groups and be a strong vocal champion of its health and transport infrastructure.

I intend to stand as an independent candidate for the Critchmere ward at the forthcoming town council election.  I will be joining other independent candidates in a loose alliance of similarly minded individuals, focussed on removing the politics and openly, transparently and firmly putting Haslemere first.  I urge readers to cast aside national voting intentions, and at this very local level vote for your independent candidate.

Follow Mark on twitter, @VoteMarkJasper

Independent Candidates standing in town council election on May 7th

Haslemere has three tiers of local government. We have a town council (Haslemere Town Council), a borough council (Waverley Borough Council) and a county council (Surrey County Council). In May 2013, I was elected as an independent Surrey County Councillor representing Haslemere constituents. My first term of office is 4 years and I am half way through that term.

On May 7th there will be a chance for Haslemere residents to vote in the General Election, Waverley Borough Council Election and the Town Council Election.

It is wonderful news that there will be nine independent candidates standing in Haslemere. Here is a copy of their letter that appeared in The Haslemere Herald yesterday:

For the first time, the people of Haslemere will have the chance to vote for a different kind of town council. There will be independent candidates standing in every ward. Why is this happening? The independent candidates share the belief that the Town Council should be run entirely in line with the needs and wishes of the people of Haslemere and their children. Also, a local council should seek to represent the views of its electors about how Haslemere evolves; that means being good at finding out what residents think about parking, buses and trains, open spaces, facilities for children and teenagers, housing developments and more. These views need to be put to the Borough and County councils accurately and forcefully. Party politics should be absent from our town council; there is no logic to having councillors with Westminster party affiliations and, for voters, it makes no sense to vote out of party loyalty.

We offer you the chance to vote for independent candidates and have councillors with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise and the freedom to vote for what is best for Haslemere.

Our priorities, if elected, would be:

(a) to listen to the concerns and needs of the community

(b) to give Haslemere the voice it deserves in statutory consultations

(c) to stand up for the principle of open and meaningful engagement between the people of Haslemere and local government at all levels.

In a nutshell, Haslemere First!

If you are interested in standing as an independent candidate for Haslemere Town Council, or if you would simply like some more information, we invite you to contact us via email on independents@haslemerefirst.com.

The candidates are:

Lesley Banfield

Paul Buckler

David O’Brien

Áine Hall

Maria Iriarte Mateo

Nigel Pyke

Vivien Shorleson

David Simmons

Miles Weston