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Haslemere Help’s Prescription Delivery Service

Haslemere Help has set up a volunteer home delivery service for any prescriptions from Haslemere Health Centre. The queues at the health centre are often long, putting great pressure on the pharmacy team.

We have arranged that you can call 07873 383954 or alternatively email haslemerehelp@gmail.com with your prescription pick up request. Patient contact and delivery details are all that is needed. Our volunteer team will not keep any of your personal details and any collections will be treated in confidence.

Anyone calling the Haslemere Help number 07873 383954 (being nobly manned by our Mayor, John Robini) asking to have a prescription picked up and delivered will have their details taken.  If the prescription is with the Haslemere Health Centre pharmacy, their request will be collated by the town clerk and sent as a batch to the pharmacy by 6pm.  Although the pharmacy is currently closing at 6pm, the staff are working behind the scenes until 10pm. Haslemere Help’s security checked volunteer drivers are picking up the batches of prescriptions at 2pm the following day for delivery to the homes of Haslemere residents thereafter.

Please do use this service and encourage others to do so. It reduces the pressure on the fantastic pharmacy staff who are working incredibly hard and it reduces unnecessary risk of social contact at the pharmacy.

Haslemere Help tested this new prescription service today and delivered 19 prescriptions. This meant 19 individuals did not need to queue thus helping the pharmacy staff and reducing queues in the name of social distancing at the Haslemere Health Centre.

Many thanks

Haslemere Help team

The Process of Mayor Making

I thought it would be interesting for residents to read how the process works for electing a Mayor or Mayoress in Haslemere.

Here is an explanation sent by the Town Clerk, Lisa O’Sullivan, to all Haslemere town councillors.

From: “Lisa O’Sullivan” <town.clerk@haslemeretc.org>
Date: 14 May 2019 at 10:17:26 am BST
To: All Town Councillors
Cc: <deputy.clerk@haslemeretc.org>, <admin@haslemeretc.org>
Subject: Thursday night’s meeting – process

Good morning,

I had a couple of questions last night after the meeting about the process for the election of Mayor on Thursday. Apologies, that is something I could have covered last night for those of you not familiar with how it works.

Thursday’s meeting is known as ‘Mayor Making’. It is a standard Council meeting, open to the public, with the exception that in May, the first order of business is to elect the Mayor for the coming civic year.

Process as follows:

Incumbent Mayor opens the meeting. First items on the Agenda are election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Incumbent Mayor asks for nominations for Mayor.

Each nomination must have a proposer and seconder.

Traditionally the proposer spends a couple of minutes describing why they think that their nominee is the person for the job. The seconder is not required to say anything other than seconding the nomination.

At this stage a councillor may ask a question of the nominee or proposer.

The incumbent Mayor will then ask if there are any other nominations. If there are, this process continues until there are no further nominations.

If there is more than one nomination, the incumbent Mayor will ask for a show of hands for each candidate in the order that they were nominated. The new Mayor will be elected by a simple majority of those present and voting.
Once elected the outgoing Mayor places chain on the New Mayor. The new Mayor takes Mayor’s seat and is required to make the Declaration of Acceptance of Office followed by a short thank you speech.

There is a short presentation where the outgoing Mayor and Mayoress / consort are thanked for their service.  

The new Mayoress / consort is presented with their badge.

Mayor then presides over the election of deputy Mayor – nomination and voting process as for Mayor.

Meeting continues as usual.

There will be a short drinks reception in the Council Chamber after the meeting ends to which you are all invited.

Any questions please get in touch.

Kind regards,


Lisa O’Sullivan
Town Clerk
Haslemere Town Council