Anger Over Absentee Councillors

From The Haslemere Herald, 25th March 2019, this article explains why there is a by-election for the Haslemere ward of Surrey County Council: Anger Over Absentee Councillors.

Haslemere Town Council found it was increasingly difficult to make contact with the previous Conservative County Councillor for Haslemere. This is a councillor who was receiving taxpayers’ money to serve the public. A representative from Haslemere Town Council stated:

Cllr Hampson has thus not been able to respond to our requests to discuss important issues such as the recent Surrey consultations on children’s services, libraries and community recycling centres. We very much hope that whoever replaces him has the time and commitment to the post that our residents deserve.”

I am cited in this same article:

“As the previous Independent Surrey county councillor for Haslemere, I had a real sense of the public duty to serve my constituents and felt a personal obligation to be fully engaged with the community that I care deeply about.

“You cannot be the voice of Haslemere, standing up for residents and organisations, as well as lobbying for scarce and diminishing funds and resources, if you are not engaged or able to be present. ”

In the by-election for the Haslemere ward for Surrey County Council, there are only three candidates – Nikki Barton (Independent), Conservative and Labour. The local Green and Liberal Democrat parties have deliberately not named a candidate, because they are supporting me. Read more here from the local Lib Dem candidate, Terence Weldon.