This Week’s Committee Meetings

I have a lot of papers to read this week:

The agenda for the meeting of Surrey County Council on 9 December 2014 is available via this link …

The agenda for the Waverley Local Area Committee meeting on Friday, 12 December 2014 1.30 pm is here: … The meeting includes a petition from a Haslemere resident:

On 24 January 2014 a speed check was carried out by Surrey Police in Shepherds Hill, Haslemere, Surrey.  According to data collected over 70% of vehicles were speeding, with some speeds reaching 59mph.  We, the residents of Haslemere, petition Surrey County Council to look at introducing Siemen SafeZone in Haslemere to promote safer roads and reduce casualties in Haslemere.  SafeZone combines Siemens’ new Sicore Automatic License Plate Recognition camera.  The systems reduce serious accidents by 77% on average. There is a high level of driver compliance (99.4%).  The camera has a compact design to reduce street impact.  A single camera is used for two lane bi-directional traffic which reduces the project cost.  The branding and technology enable a community-based approach to enforcement.  Siemen SafeZone is a scheme whereby the goal is to construct an individual and ideally self-financing solution based upon locally retained funds arising from Driver Awareness course participation.