Thank You

It is polling day tomorrow.

I’d like to say thank you to all the unpaid volunteers who have helped my local election campaign –  Whether you engaged on social media, gave guidance on messaging, erected and/or displayed a campaign signboard, delivered leaflets, knocked on doors, drove around town with a campaign magnet on your car, helped with leaflet/signboards input and design, manned street stalls, appeared in/helped produce videos and/or offered kind words (often in the supermarket aisle). Also, thank you to the local Greens and Lib Dems who stepped aside for me in the County by-election.

I also thank my husband and daughters who have put up with our home being a delivery centre and campaign HQ and who have also given invaluable feedback and support throughout the campaign.

Good luck to all candidates standing in the local elections. Whatever the results (Surrey County Council seat for Haslemere will be announced on Friday and the Haslemere South seat will be announced on Saturday), I look forward to elected politicians working with the community and putting Haslemere first.