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Surrey Neighbourhood Watch – Warning of A Scam Regarding Covid Vaccination Bookings

Notification from Surrey neighbourhood Watch

Dear Surrey resident

Covid vaccinations are being carried out across Surrey and some of you will have already been called for your first vaccination. For those waiting, please be aware that there is a scam whereby people are receiving texts that appear to be from the NHS and ask for personal and bank details to pay for the vaccination. These are scams.

The Covid vaccination is free and you will be contacted via a text (usually from your GP practice), a letter from the NHS, or possibly a phone call from your GP if short notice. All these methods will allow you to choose a venue and a time. You are not applying for the vaccination – you are being invited to attend one of the vaccination centres. At no time will you be asked for any other personal or financial details (but you may need to provide date of birth as a security measure).
The link below downloads a poster from the government giving details of what a scam invitation will look like.

Keep safe and well
Martin Stilwell
Surrey Neighbourhood Watch