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Update on station forecourt and decked car park in Haslemere

These are the latest timings that I have from South West Trains (SWT) for the works at Haslemere Station:

  • Cycle compound works completed by 6th July
  • Forecourt Improvements commence on 4th July and will last until the end of August. This work is being done with minimal impact on business as usual.
  • Decked Car Park Scheme starts on 18th July with enabling work and access improvements. This initial work impacts on 50 spaces. The main work then starts within 4 weeks and will last until the end of the year impacting on the whole car park.
  • SWT and SCC are still exploring alternative ways to get to the station, including a Hoppa bus option. (Please read more here about our survey.)

On the forecourt reconfiguration, there was resident concern (read Haslemere Herald here) about some of the plans which I wrote about briefly yesterday. These are being reviewed by SWT. Keep checking for more updates. Preliminary work was due to begin 3 days ago, however, it is delayed whilst SWT aims to accommodate resident feedback. A design of the forecourt will be published here once it is finalised.

Click here to view a line drawing of the decked car park.