Proposed Project from The Haslemere Kitchen

A message from The Haslemere Kitchen who are aiming to get a sense of whether there is a need/interest in the project below:

The Haslemere Kitchen are looking at how they can best help the community at this incredibly challenging time. One thing they are considering is the idea of a ‘virtual community kitchen’ where they supply their members with a bag of fresh produce each weekend and offer some guidance on how to turn that produce into a nutritious and delicious meal. This guidance could be delivered via a simple recipe card or perhaps using their own YouTube channel.

The subscription to this service would be very affordable – covering only their weekly running costs – or free to anyone referred to us by any of the state or church support agencies (such as the food bank).

Before they can launch a service like this they need to understand whether there is an interest and need for it in the community.
Please email The Haslemere Kitchen at letting them know whether you would or wouldn’t be interested in such a service.