Proposed Changes for Admission to Camelsdale Primary School.

This was brought to the attention of Surrey County Councillors and Surrey’s Borough and District Councillors today by Claire Potier, Principal Manager Admissions and Transport (Strategy), SCC.

This is an extract of the communication but please read this document here for more information.

Dear Colleague

Surrey County Council is consulting on the proposed changes to admission arrangements for some community and voluntary controlled schools from September 2015. Full details of the consultation and the changes being proposed are available at

Changes to the schools which will be considered to admit local children when assessing nearest school for community and voluntary controlled schools:

Camelsdale Primary School in West Sussex to be added to the list of out of County schools which will not be considered to admit local children.

The consultation on the proposed changes will run until Monday 20 January 2014. I would encourage you to read the paperwork and if you wish to submit your views please complete an online response form. Alternatively if you would prefer to respond on a paper form, please telephone the Surrey Schools and Childcare Service on 0300 200 1004 to request a copy. Please note that only response forms which are fully completed with the respondents name and address will be accepted.

After the closing date, responses will be collated and presented to Surrey County Council’s decision making Cabinet on 25 February 2014. Its decision will then need to be ratified by the full County Council on 18 March 2014.

Once determined the final admission arrangements will be placed on Surrey’s website at

I look forward to receiving your comments.

All the best

Claire Potier

Principal Manager Admissions and Transport (Strategy)

Tel: 01483 517689