Haslemere Vision’s Housing Consultation is Under Way. Please Take part.

An update from Stewart Brown, Chairman, Haslemere Vision about the Housing Consultation which is still under way. This is an important opportunity for the community and everyone is urged to get involved in guiding the town’s housing future.

Vision LogoThe Housing Consultation has been running for 4 weeks and we have had just over 325 responses so far.

We need your help to keep them coming!!

  1. If you have not already done so, please complete the survey as soon as possible** – If you have already responded – Thank You!!
  1. Please urge family, friends and neighbours to respond too** 
  1. If the document has not been delivered to your home or you know of others who have not received theirs please let us know urgently!

**Either: complete on-line (we recommend that you have the paper copy beside you)

  Or: complete the paper copy and return to one of the drop-off points at:

    The Town Hall, Haslemere Hall, The Museum, Marley Flowers, The Library,  Haslewey, Tesco, Your Local Convenience (Parsons Green), Grayswood Cars, The Coffee Lounge and the Hub in Beacon Hill or the Cookie Bar in Hindhead

Extra copies can be collected at the drop-off points 

The Consultation runs till October 31st

Please help to spread the word!


Stewart Brown