Haslemere dementia charity raises concerns of increase in symptoms during lockdown

PRESS RELEASE on behalf The Hunter Centre

A dementia charity – The Hunter Centre – based out of Haslemere has raised concerns that more elderly people might be experiencing dementia symptoms during lockdown.

The Hunter Centre has said that without the stimulation of seeing people face-to-face, more elderly people could be susceptible to suffering from the illness.

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Laura Palmer from the charity explained:

“Loneliness and a lack of social interaction, paired with a change of routine is always a worry for elderly people.

“The TV is of course no replacement for meeting friends and family where normal friendly banter uses memory and language.

“If you normally go to the garden centre every Wednesday for lunch and now you can’t, it breaks the normal.

“Our concern is also for the carer, whether it’s the husband, wife, son or daughter, where they experience in their loved one a sudden decline and can’t understand why there is a personality change.”

Laure also has shared information about the main symptoms to look for:

“You should be concerned if you see the following: difficulty in performing familiar tasks; problems with words as opposed to forgetting; disorientation with time or place – for example if you ate your lunch a couple of hours ago and ask when it’s lunch time.

“Constantly misplacing things and noticeable changes in mood and behaviour, so someone who is naturally easy to be with getting angry frequently.

“All of these can be helped, but not always cured.”

Laura had this final message for those with concerns:

“We’re here to support you during lockdown, so please call our helpline on 07482464322 or visit us online.”

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